Secretary Bot is your complaint abouwater and watepurifiers

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   environmental pollution and water "secondary pollution" makes the domestic home water purifier market has great potential, the major water water purifier manufacturers have sprung up everywhere. Water purification supplies category terminal belonging to consumer goods, to meet each family or collective direct drinking water purification needs. But domestic water purifier price and quality are not equal, there are technical factors, but also the brand factor, of course, human speculation. United States and Japan of home water purifier penetration rate above 70%, China is less than 5% in developed countries since the industrial revolution experienced earlier time, environmental pollution suffered earlier and more serious, so the healthy drinking water problem, which concerns and we have great differences.

   public information, the per capita share of water resources of 2,100 cubic meters, only 28% of the world average; the national average annual water deficit of more than 500 billion cubic meters, two-thirds of urban water shortage in rural areas there are nearly 300 million people drinking unsafe water shortage has become a major bottleneck restricting Chinas sustainable economic and social development; more severe is still irrational use of water resources, water pollution is becoming increasingly serious.

   According to "2013 China State of Environment" speaking, in the top ten river basin of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Pearl River, Songhua River, Huaihe River, Haihe River, Liaohe River, Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces river, northwest and southwest rivers and other rivers state-controlled sections, the state-controlled surface water still nearly one-tenth of the section of water worse than class 鈪? in 4778 monitoring points in the groundwater quality of the environment, 59.6% of poor water quality and even very poor; in the country 9 important bay, 7 or poor water quality is poor. Whether improved throughout 2014 has yet to be confirmed by the new bulletin.

   Special Water-based discovery of water pollution has nine features: rivers River and Key Lake water environmental quality continued to improve, but serious tributary of pollution; water pollution control level city significantly improved, but still needs further strengthening; the ability to enhance the urban water supply, water quality but still very prominent; lack of ability of rural water supply, protect water quality and quantity is low; C0D discharge basin has been effectively controlled, nitrogen emissions rise as the most important issue to improve the water quality of the river; conventional pollutant control achieved remarkable success but toxic and hazardous materials issues highlighted, transboundary pollution accidents, environmental risks remain high.

   economic development must take into account environmental factors, my countrys secondary industry, professional toward the Midwest, the Midwest pollution toward the Second District, just inWestern water is our water, resulting in a big giant water pressure downstream. Spend heavily in building upstream, downstream processing huge amounts of money to spend, but lead to a vicious cycle, this is only the domestic environment. Hebei with sewage for irrigation, crop life and death depends on God even.

   for a small family, the food, air, and water and life are closely related, drinking water has become a huge problem of family concerns, as Secretary Bot Chinese professional manufacturer of water treatment, product sales to the national market for home water purifier has expertise. Consider in the end-consumer, the Secretary Bot household water purifiers not only diverse forms suitable for families, and top quality, guaranteed service life, saving household expenses.

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