Which brand is the best water purifier how to choose

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   In recent years we talk about water discoloration, under increasingly serious water pollution, many families have to buy a water purifier for the health of their families escort! Safe drinking water in the battle more intense environmental health and safety conscious mind, the net water heater has become as important as washing machines and refrigerators in the common household appliances. It helps us block the harmful substances to protect every drop of water we have in the entrance of the terminal. But for a small partner to buy a water purifier, it is easy in front of the type of water purifier dazzled dazzling, then, what kind of home water purifier good? With fresh water pick Calais learn the trick of it! With more and more families buy water purifiers, many manufacturers follow suit and produce the machine looks cool, but the water purification effect is really as good as propaganda? how should we choose?

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   First, the purpose of confirmation of water: water is drinking water or life

   Generally, domestic water can be selected whole house water purification methods, such as central home whole house water purifiers the filter mode. But the whole house water purification system during the decoration on the need to pre-discharge tube. Intended for the decoration of family considerations. For renting or renovated home, it can give priority to drinking water. Add fresh water purifiers, convenient, as long as the plug can drink straight water. And small footprint, can be placed at random. Speed 鈥嬧€媜f water, after purification by filtration is made to achieve linear standard drinking pure water, i.e., made ready to drink, to avoid the growth of bacteria.

   Second, understanding home water purification installation position, size and mode

   to consider installing a water purifier ordinary families, in before renovation would amount good location and size of the water purifier to be installed, the installation space reserved for the installation, so as to achieve heart bottom in the purchase, to avoid improper purchase of twists and turns. If the decoration, home help staff can install the view layout, and provide water purification installation location and manner of suggestions. Do not want to destroy the beautiful family home improvement, you can choose Yi Shi IKEA, small footprint fresh water plus water purifier.

   Third, the water purifier brand understanding Qualification

   water purifier market brand contests, in order to secure reliable, consumers can start watching from famous brands, big brands because of the large social supervision, and have a relatively sound service system, can be removed unnecessary trouble.

   fresh water is added to the water purifier brand from Germany, for many years focused field of water purification. If you are not familiar with the brand, be sure to check the water purifier and proof of qualification test report to see if the brand endorsement of the national department of health permits, whether through the identification of national technical supervision departments. This is to ensure regular water purifier to buy the necessary conditions, good water purifier water purifier can bring good results, care of drinking water and the health of our families.

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