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hot water industry, clean water plethora manufacturers, increasingly fierce competition, a variety of different ways. But as manufacturers, distribution agents or in water purification products led manufacturers to do the terminal or direct sales is also exploring among non-mainstream. Therefore, the water purifier market competition, competition is basically a water purifier sales agents manufacturers, end water purification products struggle, is the user of the dispute is the contention of the installation of water purifiers. Who can make the end product sales, who will be able to quickly seize the market.

   According to Xiao Bian many years of sales experience end water purification products, as well as the performance of each brand water purifier market in the end, are summarized in the following several major games are played, to see whether it can help water purifier joining agents to seize the market, fast moves, the audience at the same time firm, to win the trust of consumers.

   a. Changes in marketing thinking. Consumer attitudes determine consumer behavior. At present, the water purifier is not popular, many consumers are not aware of the daily way of drinking water and unhealthy drinking habits often need to guide the new consumer thinking and ideas. Therefore, agents should change marketing ideas, not just putting the focus on how to export products, but should be on solving consumer demand from the consumers point of view up to provide appropriate products and services. This requires good insight into the agents and the discovery of new consumer trends, market quick step, focus on "cultural marketing" and "marketing concept", to communicate with consumers and integration between each other. For example, by conducting seminars water knowledge dissemination related to a single page, etc., culture and ideas through wide publicity and concern to consumers, enhance consumer perception about the health and safety of drinking water, prompting consumers to change their drinking habits and traditions, to guide consumption .

   II. Service model innovation. Unlike traditional water purifier appliances, subject to the use of raw water conditions, installation environment, etc., require professional installation and regular maintenance, therefore, water purification services industry is particularly important. This requires agents to improve in the enterprise assistance and guidance service system, after-sales process, service process monitoring system at the same time, capable of advancing from the focus on consumer and market demand, further innovative service models. With the rapid development of economy, science and technology, people used to be in touch with the Internet shopping, access to information, etc., and even everyday life has been inseparable from the network. Agents can seize on this, dig deeper for further innovation from the service details, such as make good use of micro-channel microblogging from the media, the timely release of products letterInterest rates, handling of consumer feedback. Allow consumers to enjoy a more intimate and detailed high-end user experience.

   III. Implementation of the terminal initiatives. Terminal as the last stage of the marketing process, as the final "sea" water purification products, the importance of competition in the market is obvious. Agents want to further deep plowing market, improve marketing thinking and innovative service model, it is more to focus on the implementation of the terminal initiatives. First, increase investment in the implementation of the terminal, looking for ways to multi-party cooperation. For example, held a variety of marketing activities, marketing meetings, 34 marketing, and alliance building materials market at home and so form cross-collaboration. Second, the implementation of measures to improve the user experience. For example, the use of experiential marketing, such as product demonstrations at stores and community, or the implementation of product trial activities, while establishing feedback system to collect consumer feedback, in order to better meet consumer demand. Third, the implementation of measures to enhance the image of the terminal. By improving the spatial image of the type of store design, car and wall advertising, improve service quality terminal sales staff, etc., from the details to impress consumers, in-depth consumer hearts, and ultimately win the market.

   In short, water purification agents face in the pursuit of market expansion, we should pay more attention from Plow markets through changes in marketing thinking, innovative service model, the implementation of the terminal initiatives to further the game, quick to seize the market .

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