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with purified water to drink straight necessarily safe healthy? not necessarily. Receiving the public to reflect the scale of Health drink straight after the phone diarrhea after drinking the situation, Reporters confirmation today that the water industry experts, buying a fake, poor quality of drinking straight or incorrect use, not only would not achieve a net the effect of water may also cause water pollution, hazardous to their health. Complaints from the public: drink straight out of the water to stimulate the throat


A few days ago, Ms. Chen to "every day, 3.15" consumer hotline phone call, said she spent a July Walter straight nearly 1,000 yuan to buy drink machine in less than a month, the machine began to grow rusty water, water to drink to his mouth to stimulate the throat, to find manufacturers say they found here in Jinan agent gone.


Contact Manufacturer: hotline no answer


Yesterday, reporters from the Internet to find Walter headquarters in Shenzhen 24-hour service hotline number, but the call several times, has no answer. Subsequently, the reporter call Walter Longgang, Shenzhen office, to answer the call of the men said he was only responsible for local sales, but will try to help to contact headquarters, then hung up the phone. As of press time reporter, Walter never get in touch with headquarters in Shenzhen.


experts caution: drink straight water purifier may not be safe


Is it safe to use tap water purification residents drink straight it? Jinan Hong Quan Production Manager Chen Jianhai of water Ltd. engaged in years of water quality testing work, he stresses, may also line when drinking straight just started, but if you do not often reverse washing, disinfection, dirt accumulated more, but will a source of contamination. "I can guarantee that if you do not drink straight cleaning, disinfection, after a month, and then measuring water quality, there will be more than 80 per cent of water samples failed. Instead, drink tap water does not necessarily diarrhea." Chenjian Hai said, turned on the tap Chen put the water in the pipes for a while, such as the water temperature cools before drinking, generally not diarrhea.


to purchase and use straight drink machines have "doorway"


According to Chenjian Hai introduced, according to a survey done before him, straight-drink manufacturers generally use direct sales of products, this is because straight drink machines in the domestic production of immature technology, a lot of incomplete procedures, can not enter the supermarkets, so he advised the public not to buy. But if people insist on buying, there are a few things to note:


First of all, pay attention to see the appearance of related marks and drink straight.People should pay attention to when buying a machine without odor smell, and see whether the "national food-grade plastic," the relevant evidence on manual and certification.


Next, beware "Gui" posing "Kui." Some drink straight big brands, there are large-scale equipment for research purposes, there are small devices home, luxurious but also simple, depending on the water system, different models, the price is different, but in line with national standards, the principles of the selling price It should not be less than 5,000 yuan. But in some straight-drink brand stores, may also be fakes. The reason is that some agents from the factory into a small amount of goods, and then find a small factory OEM copy, from the appearance look the same. But as long as Genius card, it should be genuine.


again, use, when to customize the amount of water to drink straight reverse rinsing, disinfecting, while paying attention to regularly replace the filter, a straight drink machine is best to use only five years. In addition, consumers can regularly to food safety regulator, the Health Bureau CDC, Jinan, Wang Quan Co., Ltd. and other units detection of water quality.



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