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   Recently, a survey of the people of Chengdu found: The biggest impact of water pollution are: people cooking water. In this regard, many people expressed concern. And this concerns also led to another phenomenon: Bottled water sales in Chengdu straight rise.


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detected in tap water and bottled water sales in Chengdu strong carcinogen helicopter (Photo from Internet)

   frequent water crisis: water and detected strong carcinogens

   15, "Science and Technology Daily" published news, School of environment, Tsinghua University State Key laboratory of environmental simulation and pollution control Associate Professor Chen Chao said: experimental team in 23 provinces and 44 medium and small cities and towns, for 155 points (including the water plant, and water household water faucet) water samples collected 164, which detects strong carcinogens - the NDMA disinfection by-products (NDMA), detection rate is 3.6 times the United States. In densely populated, heavy pollution of the area, the higher the risk of NDMA. Medical Epidemiology studies have shown that nitrosamines are closely related to the digestive tract cancers in certain areas of China.

   The key is the current Chinese waterworks is no relevant testing standards and equipment. Although later routine media and experts have come out to clarify: carcinogens trace water, not enough to cause cancer and so on. But this does not relieve them of the endless stream of heavy water pollution incident has brought to people.

   Chengdu: some people have long used mineral water to cook the

   Mr. Lee Seng Wee, Chengdu, Xian North Road, said: "can not drink water from 80% last time, after just a few months, tap water has a Shazhao and I now state of mind is waiting rumor brick home. of course, now use tap water for cooking, my heart is still somewhat at ease, after all, at home as well as baby ...... "Lee is also a trace of ridicule concern.

   compared to Lee, who lives in the living spring of Miss Cao Jin Shang even more concern: "sporadic water pollution also easy to handle, but once passed over as NDMA, antibiotics, drug residues of these long-term presence of water. a short time they can not solve the pollution, is the real suffering of my heart. "

   in the survey, there are some people did not worry about pollution. Mr. Xiong Lei is one of Wanshou bridge. According to Mr. Lei introduced: the impact of the news two years ago a "Beijing do not drink tap water expert for 20 years," he home cooking tea entrance to the water early in theUse bottled mineral water.

   Lei told: good mineral water mostly from glacier snow-capped mountains off the beaten track, but more than that pollution densely populated plains. Therefore, no matter what water pollution, they do not have to worry about home. And spending is not a day less than five dollars, not only healthy cooking also fragrant. And under his influence, his family and relatives are cooking a lot of bottled water.

   Bottled water sales skyrocketed

   in a bottled water Daan Street shop, workers are busy bottled water. According to the boss Li plateau Description: After the water has been discovered detected carcinogens news, the stores bottled water sales rise in direct sales. These two days, hydrotechnic people are not too busy, many customers are in the dark to the water. According hydrotechnic people came back and said, now many customers are at home to cook with bottled water, but the water is not very convenient. To this end, she yesterday customized rack and a number of water to the water filter manufacturers, customer convenience cooking use.

   Experts: Not recommended water purifier water most scientific classification

   For this, Miss Zeng Xuancheng Beijing Health drinking water Professional Committee chairman Zhao Feihong "20 years not to drink tap water" that: tap water detected strong carcinogen NDMA, because the dose is still small, does not mean that drinking will cause cancer, but water pollution is not just a question of NDMA, heavy metals, eutrophication , antibiotics, drug residues, pipelines and other pollution have plagued tap water.

   According to Ms. Zhao Feihong introduced: the early years, in order to deal with pollution, people began to use a water filter. But then the development of scientific proof, water filtration water purifier, water is acidic, long-term drinking is not conducive to human health. Whats more, the face of a growing number of chemical pollution, general household water purifiers also powerless to do anything.

   For some people use bottled mineral water for cooking, Zhao Feihong think that in fact this is not a luxury, a few dollars a day also. And only the health of their families, the real savings. Healthy natural mineral water than tap water, but the key is to eliminate the contamination. Cooking tea, etc. To enter the body of water, mineral water; and bathing, washing dishes, which do not enter the body of water, then with tap water. This classification method with water, very scientific, totally worth promoting.

   Expert: home cooking tea with mineral water worth advocating

   old saying: Food, food drink first. Water is visibleWhats important. In recent years, water pollution events and various insider endless. Only the first half of this year broke: 80% of the countrys groundwater is polluted, undrinkable; surface water containing 68 kinds of antibiotics, 90 kinds of non-antibiotic pharmaceutical ingredient; in about 78% of Chinas urban water plants do not fully meet the daily will be seized 10 index detection capability, half without any means of detecting ...... According to the World authoritative survey, 80% of various diseases because of drinking unsafe water triggered. Water pollution exposure, once a test of peoples psychological bottom line.

   Although after each crisis has its experts and the media to clarify, in fact, the problem is not serious as imagined, but repeatedly let this trust and truth gradually lost. "Under the dome" Chai Jing let people understand the dangers of haze, but in fact water pollution on earth, just as much air pollution.

   but fortunately, this land is not as misty sky, its broad and love can give us some options: When most of the water is polluted, our Sichuan-Tibet Plateau glaciers those off the beaten track snow-capped mountains, it is also vast deposits of natural mineral water pure and noble.

   under the firmament haze we can not choose, but water pollution on earth, but fortunately this time we can choose. But we should consider that, in the face of this land do everything we can love, humanity can splurge how long? (Source: HC clean water network)

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