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  What is driving down the penetration rate of home water purifier? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 577 Published: 2016-12-2 9:43:55 household water purifiers in urban and rural areas share increased slowly in 2016 no longer seem as hot as the market in 2015. Water purification industry has gone through several decades of development, manufacture and clean drinking water as a water purifier, should not be more welcomed by the majority of consumers do? Why now home water purifier penetration rate is still less than it ranks low? 鏄粈涔堟媺浣庝簡瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒鐨勬櫘鍙婄巼锛? /> a late start, standard less water purifier product quality after-sales look uneven, some good water purifier manufacturers often the concept of speculation, some people have never heard of the concept of non-brain instilled in consumers, leading consumers difficult choices. In general, consumers in deciding factor in choosing a water purifier, the brand and the price is in the first place. At present, domestic water purifier brand has four five thousand, most of the production of small and medium enterprises, market concentration is low. Not only that, because the water purifier is one of two pieces of cake remaining field of home appliances, an annual increase of water purifier business is still rising, many of which are no health documents relating to business, resulting in uneven product quality. In December 2015, the State Administration of Quality Supervision on 27 purifier sampling of enterprises, failed enterprises accounted for nearly half as many as 13. Product quality problems, is a big market hinder the development of the water purifier. Product quality problems, but also in water purification technology is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capabilities, to master the core technology of manufacturing one of the few companies, while foreign brand water purifier water purification technology leader in at least 30 years. Second, the service lags water purifiers unlike other home appliances can do a one-time sales, the user during use, the need for regular replacement of filters, to avoid secondary pollution. This requires manufacturers have good after-sales service, the majority of domestic manufacturers currently still below standard. In addition, employees professionalism is not high. Part of the water purifier practitioners difficult objective and comprehensive understanding of the industry, but can not effectively guide consumers to purchase awareness and purchasing behavior. Consumer fear of product quality and functionality issues, concerns about after-sales afraid of filter replacement, created a

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