Why should promote knowledge of water purification wholuswar

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   water and our lives, we have to learn every day a lot of water, we wash bath can not do without water, there are many families wading equipment comes into contact with water. Now water security problems become more serious, this is not a question of whats the secret, the news network, reported that water pollution problems often arise, many of them let us shocking event.


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   First of all, lets look at why you need the whole house water purification?

   US medical expert Martin. Dr. Fox (. MartinFox, Ph.D) After fifteen years of research, drawn: the body of water, volatile chemicals (such as chlorine) absorbed, can be divided into:

   1/3 by the oral intake;

   1/3 absorbed during washing and bathing by the skin;

   1/3 with water vapor by inhalation (disinfectant byproduct halogenated hydrocarbons such as trihalomethanes methane and carbon tetrachloride, etc.). That is, if only to solve the drinking water problem, then there will be two-thirds of the problem and our familys health risks.

   In order to address water security issues now faced by families, whole house water purification system begins to enter millions of households, for our water security escort, then the whole house water purification is how to protect our water security it , whole house water purification system what use is it, small series will be for you a brief introduction below.

   First, the filter tap water sediment, rust

   water from the water plant to the home user this process will go through long pipelines, a lot of iron during this period, the sediment will into the tap water, the sediment, rust will destroy the domestic water pipes and wading affect the normal use of the device, e.g., such large particle impurities there may be a burst water pipes, and clogged showers, faucets and other equipment wading, they can not make normal water supply.

   Two: filter all harmful substances in the water

   Despite water treatment, but there is still water there may exist many substances harmful to peoples health, such as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc., these substances and other methods can not be removed by boiling, if you have a whole house water purification system, it is through the multi-stage filtration and purification, the water will remove all harmful substances, but also improve the taste of drinking water, so water reaches symbolPeople drinking together health standards, while also improving the quality of life.

   Third, the protection device wading, skin care

   water calcium and magnesium ions if the content is too high, will be become hard, hard water can lead to many problems, e.g., with hard water will make laundry clothes yellow, stiff, hard water to flush the toilet will make it fouling yellow, whole house water purification system can reduce the hardness of tap water, to soften water, hard water to avoid problems arising. And the use of soft water shower, her hair will not damage the skin, hair and more supple beauty who is the best.

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