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As Chinas water purifier market has become increasingly mature, increasingly competitive at the same time, in order to meet consumer demand, increase market share, the current water purification products tend to be more humane, rich products, optional multi. Water purification industry adapt to keep pace with the times and constantly innovative and revolutionary, but water purifier hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people to the true value prices began to doubt the added value.


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water purifier prices span


water purifiers top ten brands Qin promise cinno water purification experts online to see the same brand of water purifier product, its price and some as low as a few hundred dollars, but some more expensive to the million, and general ultrafiltration water purification products is relatively cheap, a few hundred to several thousand. Reverse osmosis water is relatively much more expensive price, generally in more than a few thousand, or even tens of thousands. Now the price of water purification products span is not without reason, and now the water purification products that have been designed from a simple style of simple and elegant use value gradually increased focus on usability and aesthetics combined with a heavier weight to the appearance of features selling point ranging from studios to practical, but the water purifier on the market price is significant differences between the practical and economic product coexistence is not an easy task.


water purification processes affect the price of the product shape


It is understood that good filter material water purifier is directly related to product purification effect, thereby affecting the disposable rinse water purifier, purification effect . Qin promise cinno brand water purifier sales staff said the water purifier filter material appearance although looks relatively similar, but in fact very different, due to different water purifier manufacturers skills and production equipment, causing net produce water quality is vastly different.


professional and technical additional costs caused by increased water purifier


a beautiful shape of the water purifier will need a lot of manpower, must have pre-professional division preset cost is relatively high. Moreover, some of the more curved shape, its firing process is also much larger than the average water purification process, the raw material used is also more, prices will be higher. It is understood that split water purifiers and integrated water purifier price is not the same.


according to their own needs to buy only the most practical


face an array of water purification products on the market, consumers Miss Zhu also have their own purchasing experience:Stepped merchandise from the most basic models to multi-function product that comes with each function is indeed a difference, longing for high quality of life and economic strength are also consumers can choose high-end products; not a bad product basis, just functionality single slightly a bit, but it has been able to ensure a safe drinking water and human health.


Many consumers also said that at the time was able to buy water purifier products more rational, and will not be introduced and hype sales staff to buy a useless product. After renovation of torture, most consumers can choose to spend money on energy and water purification products are not many, in their choice of a tolerance range can meet the desired product is the rational choice of life.

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