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Liu family is to decorate the house, a man arguing whether or not to install a water purifier. Old people think that they drink boiled water for decades also lacks the problem, do not spend the money; the University of Reading sons think the trend is to install water purifiers, water to drink filtered more at ease. Liu stroll around in the household appliance market, sales personnel listen to a wide variety of water purification products, was not sure whether the need to install a water purifier in the end? How should you choose? Few people hold the same doubts. Reporter conducted a survey and interviews with experts.


function to solve the secondary pollution, but also to improve the taste


discipline Wigan Changsha appliance appliances Chamber of Commerce senior water expert said the city residents to install home water purifier, mainly to solve the problem of secondary pollution of water. Although the water plant factory quality is standard, but the need to go through a long underground pipes to delivery to the home, parts of the water supply network longer service life, is deposited to form a thick wall, such as rust, sand, etc., so that tap water contaminated. And when the city of skyscrapers, high-rise district of households rely on secondary water supply equipment, water supply, residential cleaning tanks often not in place, the water reaches the natural home residents is not so clean. "The biggest feature is the water purifier tap water to remove bacteria, viruses, rust, sediment, algae and other impurities, but also to improve the taste of water." Ji Wigan said water to disinfect tap water generally chlorine is added through a water purifier chlorine adsorption on activated carbon adsorption of water improved natural taste.


to buy water users suggested the use of ultrafiltration membranes


reporter visited the home appliance stores found that many of the city, the common water purifier brand there are dozens. Purchasing Guide, from the style point of view, can be divided into water purifier stage, wall, cabinet under, vertical and the like; the technical point of view, can be divided into activated carbon adsorption, membrane filtration techniques, electrolytic techniques, mineralization magnetization and so on.


discipline Wigan told reporters, no matter what the business as a publicity stunt, the current water purifier on the market is divided into two kinds of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology core. High precision reverse osmosis membrane filtration, in addition to water, including all impurities including heavy metal ions, all nutrients are also filtered water, pure water output, so the output is low, remaining 1 cup of water filtration / 3 cups water, waste is relatively large; ultrafiltration membrane pore size range between 0.001 to 0.02 micrometers, to remove impurities in the waterRetain water, minerals and trace elements. Ji Wigan suggested that urban households use tap water, it is best to use ultrafiltration membrane water purification; while he dug wells, fearing heavy metals, pesticide contamination of rural households recommend the use of reverse osmosis water purifier.


City, CDC experts said that drinking water is not pure enough. Water is an important route of human intake of essential minerals, and water can not provide minerals to the human body. If long-term drinking water, need extra calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals.



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