Thumbs up before the end of 2019, Guangxi will fully solvthd

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   [water purifier investment network] April 17, in Guangxi rural drinking water safety Rocky press conference was held in Nanning.


   According to reports, the Guangxi in the "five" period, the total investment Rocky 30 counties (cities, districts) of rural drinking water safety project construction funds 3.54 billion yuan, resolved a total of 413.41 million people safe drinking water. 2016-2018 years, the Rocky accumulated a total investment of rural drinking water safety project to enhance the consolidation of 2.441 billion yuan, benefiting a total population of 258.80 million, of which sync to solve the safety of drinking water 668,300 filing cards stand the poor, the masses of water conditions improved significantly. Since

   November 2018, the regional government to carry out the boulder mountain rural drinking water safety to consolidate and promote the Battle of construction, the requirements from November 2018 until the end of 2019, concentrate manpower, material and financial resources to carry out construction congress battle, ensure the smooth progress of the work, as Rocky, the depth of poverty in poor areas to win the battle to provide strong support and protection. Focus on winning the Battle of poverty battle, and completion of a comprehensive well-off societys objectives and requirements, based on the consolidation of rural drinking water safety construction achievements, efforts to solve rural drinking water safety issues in Guangxi Rocky, Rocky increase the level of drinking water protection. By built and upgraded a number of centralized water supply project, according to local conditions to strengthen the family water tank construction, cleaning and disinfection facilities equipped with water tanks to improve water quality, a total of 94.94 million people to solve drinking water safety issues, including the new family water tanks 22011, 14700 transformation of family water tank and beneficiary population of 23.76 million; New centralized water supply project in 2344, the transformation of centralized water supply has been built at 1253, the beneficiary population 71.18 million; purification and disinfection equipment for non-household water tank fully supporting purification and disinfection equipment, no water tank cover all stamped, total investment for the construction of the battle of 2.466 billion yuan. We expect a comprehensive solution to the regions drinking water safety issues before the end of 2019. By 2020, the regions rural water penetration rate of more than 83% overall.

   At present, the Battle of the construction task has been invested 338 million yuan, the completion of the beneficiary population 28.28 million, accounting for about 30% of the Battle of the task, the work is an orderly way.

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