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  Many agents in the study will be asked to clear spring: spring is already clear is recognized as the industrys top ten brands of water purifiers, why advertise it and CCTV cooperation fact, this problem is very simple, where the author on all given? agents explain why. 娓呭北娉変负浠€涔堣鍜屽ぎ瑙嗗悎浣滃仛骞垮憡锛? width=

   The first: We all know that, as state television CCTV, big influence. Clear spring fancy to this point, the purpose of cooperation and CCTV is to use the influence of CCTV initiative for the people to learn the proper way of drinking water, to protect their own health. I believe we all know, there are a CCTV audience most of the "non-users", through television advertising, consumer drinking habits can be changed. Clear mountain spring in the big traditional media advertising investment, so "do not go" people know spring clean, so as to promote people change their thinking, aware of the importance of a clean drinking water.

   Second: Clear spring to select the CCTV advertising, in addition to recognition of the huge radiation CCTV As the authority of the media included, Ming and Qing said spring is seeking a breakthrough sales model and transition to the electricity supplier industry, namely, Internet media and traditional social media combine to establish an effective one to one relationship with consumers, both to achieve seamless cross-border integration. Such cross-marketing benefits of the brands biggest marketing tool is to make two kinds of mutual penetration, complement each other, so that consumers of the brand in a more three-dimensional, deep impression.

   Third: CCTV advertising, can also help agents big cake. Running TV ads can ensure clear spring of advertising coverage more widely, in order to achieve the vision to help agents expand their market cake.

   clear spring since its inception 16 years of professional focus on water purifiers, water purification industry in China from the edge of the industrial development of the gold industry to witness, along the way clear spring well aware of industry competition has become increasingly fierce.

   "Water is the source of life and health of the" This is the consensus of the people. Today the frequent occurrence of pollution, how to better ensure the safety of drinking water home? There is no simple way to solve this problem? The answer is yes, that is a home water purifier. And clear mountain spring in the CCTV advertising precisely in order to tell these simple answer more consumers, in order to help consumers achieve healthy vision bigger cake.

   water of life is no small matter, clear spring wish you a speedy attention from the contamination of drinking water around, learn to change as soon as possible, but also their own water safe and healthy life.

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