Reverse osmosis water purifi watefficiency andefciency ring

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   November 2, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission issued "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of" national standards. The criteria for the implementation of the most stringent water management system, draw a red line strict control of water use efficiency, will come into effect in November 2018.


   With the enhancement of peoples living standards, there is growing emphasis on quality, water purifier demand and consumption of drinking water also will continue to grow. Reverse osmosis water purifier which because of the high water quality, market share has reached 60% of sales, manufacturers nearly 4000, annual sales of more than 10 million units. Such water purification products to purify reverse osmosis membrane element as the main, multi-stage filtration, to purify the purpose, while producing partially concentrated wastewater. According to the survey, the current market rate of net water aquatic nearly 40% of household water purifiers less than 20%, resulting in a huge waste of water resources. National Standards Committee to promote these products to enhance water efficiency, and promote the development of reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency standards.

   According to reports, the detection of the standard on the one hand and a predetermined method for calculating water efficiency, on the other hand 5 into the water efficiency, and red set water aquaculture net rate, i.e. water efficiency 5 defining a value of 35%. By setting the limit value of the water effect, will eliminate at least 30% of the high water consumption products, preliminary estimates annual water over 100 million cubic meters. According to the survey, the average efficiency of water purification machines less than 20%, double the average expected after implementation of standards, more than 40%. Simultaneously. Advanced water-saving standards established values, water efficiency improvements can lead the industry. Reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency standards in grade 2 water-saving evaluation value that is 55%, as a leading indicator advanced and efficient water-saving products, will encourage enterprises to improve technology, by improving overall product quality to meet higher water efficiency.


   It has been released a total of 8 water-efficiency standards, respectively, toilet, faucets, washing machine, water purifier, shower, urinal, squatting pan, toilet flush valve, wherein faucets , urinal, squat pan and toilet flush valve to revise the plan, dishwasher and rotary heads two national water efficiency standards are being developed.

   September 13, 2017, the State Reform Commission, Ministry of Water Resources Development and AQSIQ jointly issued "water efficiency labeling management approach", the national water efficiency standards mandatory water efficiency labeling system as the basis and foundation the future of water purifier relevant departments will implement water efficiency labeling in accordance with this standard, companies by pasting water efficiency labeling,Self-declaration reverse osmosis water purifier efficiency rating and the main water indicators, market and customer acceptance supervision. Labeling system efficiency by performing water, will effectively enhance the effect of water-efficiency standards. It is estimated that the water saving efficiency labeling may be 6 billion tons annually.

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