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   In recent years, with the change of consumption concept and improve peoples living standards, people buy water purifiers and other products, pay more attention to product quality and performance, this low-cost strategy of propaganda and water purifier manufacturers are very different, especially now 80,90 become the main force of the consumer market, they will not necessarily be tempted cheap, but also not so easy to cheat, they only favor the true quality products. Therefore, the water purifier business to conquer the consumer with a quality talk to.




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   young consumers emphasis on brand personality and price wars can not meet the needs of

   accompanied 80,90 gradually become the main consumer market, young consumers for water purification products demand has not only limited price for water purifier quality and more concerned about environmental protection. According to the survey: the current water purifier prices have hit the bottom line, then plunges the second half is very small magnitude, "not to mention the size of the business or strategic loss of listed companies also seize the market, cost-effective medium and small factories can not match." [123 ]

   Today, consumers increasingly focus on brand and quality, low-cost and more rational for the possibility of a price war by companies to profit getting smaller and smaller, under a dead end, water purifier price war is clearly outdated. For product development trend of the water purifier terminal, industry sources categorically said:. "Like all consumer goods and development to the mature stage, the future terminal water purifier is certainly in quality products brands, although now there are price, place and many other heavily restricted. "

   blind price war became the black sheep of the water purifier hinder long-term development

   in the case of products on the market low-cost water purifier sales can be divided into the following three aspects: First, the backlog of goods clearance processing, inventory handling rapid return of funds to take low-cost selling; the second is a specific period of time, a specific area, cut prices for a particular product, in order to achieve rapid capture the markets short-term ; third is for a competitor in the market, strategically market hit back; Fourth, the policy as a means of marketing tactics, according to a special set of corporate profit model, bidding product, in order to ensure market sales. Admittedly, the industry is still a considerable number of black sheepIn order to short-term interests, in order to fortune, to counterfeit, inferior, low-quality low-priced products disrupt the market.

   more and more manufacturers are also aware of: blind "price war" either for development or develop their own industries are extremely unfavorable, under the premise of sluggish economic environment, we It should be more rational view of the development of the industry status quo. Enterprise only keep up the pace, change the traditional concept of self-management, accurate analysis of the industry situation, a good program, ongoing research and innovation, tap the potential market demand, find superior products for their own compression product line, in order to subdivide market break loose, to win the market.

   way: brand building is still strategically important only to become one of the key competitive factors purifier companies

   on the water purifier market price wars have been common, but practical utility has been constantly reduced. At the same time due to the disorder of a price war led to the market chaos, a series of horrific chain reaction will follow. Even more than many businesses suffered severe destruction, and even face liquidation bankruptcy. Faced with this grim trend, water purifier companies should no longer blindly jumped in price competition candy trap, top priority must be locked to brand building.

   once, water purifier company introduced low-priced products, a big wave of consumers will always rush. Today, people are no longer limited to low-cost point of consumption, but more inclined to The quality and extent of environmental protection products. In the minds of consumers, and few water purifier companies formed their brand image, so that consumers can not tell the several large water purifier brand. This also explains the water purification industry has not formed a strong brand awareness in the minds of consumers.

   Thus, in the market matures, gradually scale production of the moment, the development of water purifier companies can not solely rely on price to win the market. On the one hand, in the case of product cost control and rapid decline in excess capacity, water purifiers and other companies only to broaden the technical, sales forms and channels to create many advantages of belonging to their own; on the other hand, brand building is the eternal topic . Only by adhering to the road of brand, to the occupation advantage in the intense competition in the market.

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