Rolls-Royce brand signed a sales history of the largest orde

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   yesterday, Rolls-Royce brand and yet He held a signing ceremony in Tianjin car to reward He is still 15 blue-chip brand dealers. It is understood that this signing ceremony is Rolls-Royce car sales in the history of the largest orders in China, is the worlds largest Rolls-Royce car incentive program.



   He is still chief executive Miss Chen Minjun, Rolls-Royce representatives Mr. Richard Xu excellence, to accept the signing of an outstanding brand managers to come to the ceremony.




He is still with the company Rolls-Royce party successfully signed


He is still rooted in Chinese direct sales company, rooted beautiful Castle, in business for 25 years, with " 道 sow beautiful dedication health "as the brand philosophy, commitment to research and development of high quality human life, production and promotion. Since 25 years, the construction of Chinas direct development, witnessed the industry forward, shouldering corporate responsibility, contribute to the community. Chen Min-jun CEO ever said: He still is sparing no effort to back the brand dealers to share with you the results of the joint enterprise.

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