Qin Yi Kang water purifier industry market analysis

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Chinas water market is a very large market. In fact, this huge water market is already being transformed from potential to reality. Previously, we do not know the water is pure, and now, due to the effects of environmental pollution, people began to notice the importance of water quality, consumer water consumption concept is undergoing fundamental change. Minister of Water Resources Wang Shucheng National Rural Drinking Water Conference held in Guangan, 2004 on November 28 clearly states: "At present, due to water pollution issues outstanding with industrial wastewater, sewage discharge of urban and rural life and pesticides, fertilizer use is increasing. many local source of drinking water contamination, pollutants in water content seriously overweight. the incidence of cancer remains high in some places, 80% of the water-related disease! "domestic water treatment process is relatively backward, just stay in the sterilization aspect, in the face of this organic pollution in industrial and domestic waste water (e.g. chlorine, fluorine, arsenic, organic salts) carcinogenic substances such treatment powerless financial inputs. Faced with this situation, Chinas water market has developed rapidly in recent years, mainly to bottled water fountain quickly occupied the city. Ordinary drinking water problem has become a hot consumer of ordinary people.

   a reminder water appliances market

   Director of the Institute of Environmental Health Engineering, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine LI Ya-Dong in an interview with reporters, said: "Chinas hard water, despite drinking tap water after the town treatment, but during transmission inevitably be contaminated, so the water appliances market significantly. "

   According to the China urban water supply Association experts, the current urban households in the water, there are three ways: a a dispenser, the second is drink straight, three pure water device. Currently has a water dispenser in the rate of urban households reached one-third, while drinking straight and pure water is still in the start-up phase of the market.

   However, the rise in drinking bottled water hazard exists worrying. Information from the China Association for Quality Promotion of the display, there is growing trend of complaints of drinking water, consumers should be wary of drinking water becomes "poison water."

   The reason is that the root cause of this fatal flaw drinking bottled water, some manufacturers to recycle empty bucket on the use of non-sterile;! And some unscrupulous manufacturers direct filling water and groundwater; there manufacturers use this scrap of the empty barrel, resulting in a bucket large number of bacteria, contamination of drinking water.

   It was a lot of drinking problems, precipitated by the water appliances market. According to experts, China Urban Water Supply Association presentation, the home appliance market size of water 500 billion a year, and this figure is on the rise. It is to see this huge market, Jiangsu Nantong Hongbo Power Co., Ltd. Qin Yi Kang Branch reached invested heavily in the market, set out to develop a suitable homemade drinking water is pure water.

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