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   with the air cleaner is similar to the past two years peoples health and safety issues of life and drinking water has given unprecedented attention. With the popularity and increasing health consciousness, peoples drinking habits gradually changed, from bottled water, bottled water, to water purifiers, the pursuit of healthy drinking water has become a trend, water purification products came into being, with the resolve family health problem of water has become a routine at home ideas, to further increase public awareness of water purifier and acceptance.

   However, the water purifier market in different ways also choose to bring obstacles to consumers, regulate market need to implement, at the same time, in the water purification industry view, water purifier can play a role is just a relief was planted contaminated water for human consumption brought about a temporary solution, to really solve the problem of drinking water residents also need radical from the source.


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   consumers: price and brand of choice

   Now the role of most water purifiers are concentrated in addition to bacteria, heavy metals and impurities in addition to these in addition aspects.

   Consumers Association in 2016 published "Chinas water purifier consumer market research report" pointed out that currently most concerned about water purifiers groups focused on 30-39 year olds, the proportion as high as 56%, followed by 20-29 year-old consumer groups, accounting for 21% of the total; of which, 75% the proportion of male attention; occupy the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-four, followed by Tangshan, Hangzhou and other second-tier cities before top concern, while the northern concerned about the proportion of water purifier much higher than the South; from education and income suggests that, undergraduate and above the proportion of the population of the largest water purification products concern, accounting for 50% of the overall proportion, reflecting the highly educated high-income people pay more attention to water safety.

   According to the survey report shows that approximately eighty percent of consumers expressed the need to buy water purifier, in addition to about one percent of consumers said it is not necessary that the boiling water and cook for three minutes of action similar water purifier.

   survey on consumer buying behavior said that at present the main reason for consumers to buy water purifiers from concerns about environmental pollution of drinking water status and security, and reputation as well as introduce consumers about the Internet is the main water purifier channels; the final decision when buying, brand and price are consumers of water purifiers decisive factor.

   Offers newspaper network survey data show that Chinas water purifier manufacturers have grown to more than 3,000 in recent years,Annual growth rate of 30%, about 40% of new business each year, while about 10% of business failures or change jobs. In addition, there is not a lot of Health this document and this document does not intend to apply for health water purifier manufacturers.

鍑€姘村櫒璐ㄩ噺鑹帬涓嶉綈 缂撹В姘存薄鏌撴寚鏍囬毦娌绘湰

   mixed products and services lag hinder the development of

   The latest survey data show that, in the course of the development of the water industry in 10 years, China has become one of the worlds water purifier manufacturing center. At present, the market of household water purifier brand over 3500, as well as a large number of companies are trying to enter the water purification industry. Meanwhile, some cabinets, bathroom, home appliance industry brand Yiyu cross-sectoral development. By 2015, domestic water purifier brand has exceeded 4000.

   excessive growth of the brand, but also makes the industry chaos. Unknown many companies tamper with the concept and confuse.

   It dispersing water purifier market sales. Whether it is deep in the water purification industry for many years in old business, or have just recently started to engage in traditional household electrical appliance enterprises in the field of water purification, after fighting through Toronto, but still not showing a unified industry go situation. Barriers to entry are generally not high, it has attracted a large number of investors to follow suit to join. Industry trend increasingly impetuous, leading to water purification product quality varies greatly.

   lack of after-sales service has also led to a lot of people off. Poor attitude, and so these people can not find after-sales service problems often can be heard in most of the consumers interviewed also said that before buying water purifiers often worry about the quality and after-sales, resulting in a delay to buy time, even abandon the purchase.

   Secretary-General of Chinas water industry association Gu Chuan long said that at present, engaged in the production and sale of water purifier firm size is generally small, and the vast majority are still in the formative years. There is no strong capital accumulation, it is difficult to dominate this piece of the Red Sea.

   the face of the market situation of chaos, Gu Chuan long time that the "merger" is becoming the development trend of the water industry. When small businesses have a certain customer base and good market performance, greater capital background can be combined to get a broader market opportunities. For large household appliances enterprises, should be through market segmentation, the focus shifted to a lower frequency for the core free installation class water purifier, thus delaying the sale period. Meanwhile, in the sales process under the kitchen water purification equipment, the service can be outsourced to a third party company, or takeAnnexing.

   "Meanwhile, consumers themselves, there are some errors awareness of water purifiers." Gu Chuan long pointed out that the vast majority of domestic consumers, only a water purifier can improve product quality of life, not a necessity. People tend to be more accustomed to buying bottled water, even tap water is safe to drink. This will make the water purifier due to lack of rigid demand resulting from poor market overall sales, the enterprise is difficult to identify the user pain points for the first time, actively adjust and improve.

   In this regard, Gu Chuan long pointed out, first of all, water purification companies should meet market demand, to make products consumers really need. Enhance the quality of the filter, to develop uniform standards, to solve the congestion problem; at the same time, reduce the price of the filter, as well as for the core, maintenance and other services.

   Secondly, both the water purification business or home appliances business, internal system should be further improved. Currently, the major manufacturers compete for market share increase investment in an attempt to quickly monopolize the market in 1-2 years, the results are often counterproductive, even ignoring the quality of the product. Therefore, enterprises should focus more on manufacturing and quality control, do not blindly pursue interests.

   Finally, companies should use their own channel characteristics. Unlike traditional home appliances, sale and use of water purifiers is based on both the user and enterprise trust. Therefore, enterprises should establish channels do not care about time costs, and establish trust based brand image. At the same time, optimizing service and product experience will help accelerate word of mouth.

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