Water purification industry, -free cake- how long n e

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  China water purifier industry for nearly 30 years of history, from the early "free experience" extended to "lease" type sales, penetration is still less than 3%, but in recent years sales have more than 40% per year to the average growth rate rise, not fall, can not help but suspect that the water industry "free cake" can eat how long? 鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟鐨勨€滃厤璐硅泲绯曗€濊繕鑳藉悆澶氫箙

   in the early development of the water industry, due to the low domestic consumer awareness, the high cost of product the consumer market is difficult to open, the water purification industry the rise of a unique kind of "free mode": free installation of the product to the consumers home, consumers feel satisfied for some time after the payment, not satisfied do not pay any fees. Through long-term guidance, in this way the water purification industry has become the most effective way to reclaim the market, then gradually becoming developed a "rental model" also will rise, is still free for the signs, the water purifier free installation to the consumers home, the monthly rent charged to profit.

   However, after decades of development, especially in recent years, the water industry has changed considerably: the increasingly serious water pollution, the market continues to significantly civilized, increased consumer awareness, product prices this combination of factors fell ...... let the water purifier is no longer strange distant.

   Early in the water industry, hindering water purifier market penetration into four main areas: low consumer awareness, high prices, sales are not in place and the market disruption caused by quality problems, but the development of today, these problems It is gradually being digested.

   Earlier this year, the United States on "a stand in the end, not net the back" of water purifiers promotional activities, it is the water purifier pushed to the front of the stage, so that more of the younger generation of consumers more Recognizing this product, consumer awareness began to be greatly enhanced, and with greatly improved living standards, water purification products are also popular sight.

   In addition to Patio mainly of water purifier manufacturers also played thousand dollars below the price of the industry continue to break the bottom line, the water purifier that thousands of dollars of "luxury" down to the position of general consumer goods, which greatly expanded the penetration of water purifiers.

   According to the data show that domestic production of water purifiers in 2013 has reached 85.72 million units, sales were only 30.1 million units, while excess capacity under this background, profit margins are still as high as 40 to 50% with the continuous expansion of the future market, the continuous influx of water purifier manufacturers, the high profitsIt will break.

   although large and small domestic water purifier manufacturers currently over 3000, compared to 90% penetration of foreign markets, the domestic market is not enough, water purifier manufacturers also coming years will show a growth trend, reaching more than hundreds of billions of market, prices will continue to decline.

   Perhaps in the future ranging from free home water purifier manufacturers, consumers have been the same as buying an air purifier to buy water purification products, and market popular "free mode" will also be broken.

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