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  As the top ten brands of water purifiers Quan Lu, combined with market experience will be part of the store layout planning risks summarized in the following three ways: a risk: in non-mainstream market, low-end market to open a large store water purifiers, Risk II: Large furniture stores open water purifier store, the risk of three: appliance stores sell water purifiers. Quan Lu water purification agents who are found to be readily recognized risks from the layout of the building materials market because it is difficult to control, most of them will be given a high degree of vigilance to avoid by all means. In comparison, water purifier dealers more likely to go wrong in a mature store planning aspects of the building materials market. Different risks and building materials markets, water purifier store planning completely dominated by the dealer. Once a mistake big mistake, water purifier dealers simply can not blame others, you can only "broke the teeth to swallow," the victims. In the following spring dew water purifier will focus on the risk of water purifier store layout planning aspects.

   a risk: in non-mainstream market, low-end market to open a large store water purifier


   cities usually have a special building materials market, most often not just one. If the city is large, there will be high-end market, low end of the points, the high-end market, low-end market as well as the mainstream market and non-market mainstream of the points. Due to the limited size of the market for small and medium cities, tend to have relatively mature low-end market, high-end market is only a prototype. In a city, which is the high-end market, which is the low-end market, which is the mainstream market, which is non-mainstream market, the industry in general is still very easy to distinguish.

   Most of the new concept water purifier dealers district, the real estate sector, market aggregation, such as the layout of the market segment is very difficult to thoroughly understand. On the shop layout he often finds two "dead science": hot phenomenon is a good market, the price is cheap affordable. And building materials stores feature is the low-end market popularity, non-mainstream market cheap. Therefore, some new dealers on the one hand impatient want to build stores as soon as possible, on the one hand but also too afraid to spend money, so some of these markets specially selected to go really wrong to make from you "stopped all no stopping!"

   [ 123] popularity of the market is good, but more important is the product with the target consumer group for the position. This is like in the traditional industries, like high-end market Lufthansa shopping malls, department stores like the sun, never Carrefour, Trust-Mart and even the flow of multi-country markets, but you can those high-end clothing, expensive jewelry get bazaars on buy it? definitely not work. Brand water purifier in China most of the cityField is still positioned in the high-end crowd. If you open large stores in the low-end market, ten, nine out not on the client, you actually become a low-end water purifier contrast criticized the "target." Once the popularity, the store rents will rise, your operating costs will not be low.

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