Running water action in three years will opeup nearly 600 -S

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  Running water action in three years will open up nearly 600 "Sleepy River" Author: Tim net water purification Views: 585 Published: 2016-9-14 10:39:38 Tim net household water purifiers river majority stuck, stagnant water area continue expand, but once again did not manage to make black stinking river clean and restore the previous appearance, control spend money into a bad deal. And let get the money no longer make sense, we should let the rivers flow together. Recently, Minhang District, on "Living Water Action", plans to open 570 "Sleepy River" in the region within three years, by the end of next year basically eliminate black-odor river. The villagers built house, built factory business, crowding landfills constantly eroding the river, it became the "obstruction" of the "culprit culprit." Flood control to rule shore, Minhang District, in conjunction with "comprehensive ecological environment", and vigorously promote the focus on contiguous areas of river "five illegal" regulation, it is also ongoing town village "Obama river" of illegal building renovation. District Water Authority water system communication project to promote the establishment of a joint meeting system, clear division of labor, strict supervision and examination. Not only Paimo meticulous, with "big linkage" platform and water information network, to all eleven points marked improvement, careful inspection of items sold, illegal building works best, do not stay dead. Dredging money, money ...... flood diversion need lots of money. "As long as the water environment, as long as legitimate in accordance with regulations, no funding limit." Minhang District to "Water Environment fill short board" gave the green light this year, only the district-level financial resources for investment in water environment has been improved over previous years 1 full time. With the water system of communication to accelerate in the future, increasing the area of 鈥嬧€媤ater and other projects, financial resources at all levels of government investment will be multiplied. Since May this year, Minhang District Water Authority made a comprehensive diagnostic survey of the regions rivers, identified 570 segments decapitated river, involving 11 street town (Cuban-American, except Hongqiao). Plan from 2017 to 2019, the basic completion of 570 river sections decapitated communication tasks, dam removal at the bridge (culvert) 587, kaihe field about 54 kilometers, you can add water area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 600,000 square meters. Specifically, in 2017, Minhang District will implement dam removal bridge (culvert) at 308, field kaihe 24 km to get through 282 segment decapitated river, complete the overall mission of 60%; 2018, field kaihe 15 km open up 181 paragraph decapitated river, completed 26% of the overall mission; to 2019, The remaining open sections 107 River decapitated.

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