Water purification agents to join, do thesehree points! ! !

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   water purifier is now a gold mine last appliance industry! Many agents flocked to join in. So according to deeds, one Hanle Gong Secretary for many years under the support and witness the success of agents to join, as we summed up the following experience:

   First, always put bit think the consumers point of view think about it, why buy this product, what features to attract their own, only by understanding the customers mind, no worries about not sell products. Also among the customers did not have a turnover sincere attitude, to ask, to listen to the customer Why are not satisfied with our products, customers will also be happy to talk to, which is what they need to know to join the agency and to the correct place. No justice in the sale to make friends with the mentality to face each and every customer, over time, you will find more and more repeat customers, then you need good intentions of service on it. After word of mouth and then through them, there will be a steady stream of customers come to buy.

   Second, to summarize the reasons customers do not often traded, such as product failure, still can not accept the price, or for water purifiers water purification effect is not trusted. To solve these problems, to analyze, to be correct, be experimental, this way, doubts will digestion, naturally buy. On the operations side, we must maintain a reasonable price products, not ultra low-cost promotional. In the product price designs, the total profit distribution part of it, this part of the profits by way of a product or service to the customer.

   Third, the location of the store is critical to the success of the business location or not, played a significant role. Unlike conventional water purifier marketing mature industry, businesses often need to engage in promotional activities inviting the campaign trail, thereby increasing sales. Good location, high traffic downtown or near a large shopping mall; in the upscale district near the building materials market and other kitchen appliances are the first of these locations. Determine a good location, you can plan advocacy programs, Hanle Gong Division will give strong material to help. Promotional activities, free install the trial, kitchen appliances, building materials market joint cooperation.

   Of course, a prerequisite for success is inseparable from the water purifier agent brand manufacturers join. Han Yue water purifier, innovation, continuous research and development, specializing in water purifier and air purifier product development, production, sales and service for one, has been for some years, a number of patented, including nuclearPost made of composite filters, and other heart Patent HDF nanoalloy art: no preservatives, humectants, to improve the adsorption capacity of more than three times, inhibit the bacteria reproduction, for the removal of color, smell, taste adjustment. HDF nanocomposite technology process, effectively prevent mineral loss, improve the PH value of water, water quality becomes weak alkaline water is more beneficial to the human health. China is based on the status quo of water quality, the number of professors of Tsinghua University jointly developed a new generation of the worlds leading membrane technology, "science and technology to lead a healthy life." Diligently efforts.

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