Paul took the lead in Shandong Marine Water Quality builthen

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   September 25 morning, the second session of the Standing Committee of Shandong thirty-second meeting, held in Jinan, the first plenary meeting to hear the explanation on the draft report on its findings and draft legislation and regulations, a report on the situation and personnel appointment and removal of the case and so on. Following the adoption of this Standing Committee meeting agenda, the meeting heard a report on the provincial government and the provinces marine fisheries work of Shandong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department Director Wang Shouxin commissioned by the provincial government, Shandong Province to make a report on the work of the Ocean and Fishery . "Report" noted that Shandong took the lead in establishing the ecological system of the red line in all seas, protection of the marine environment.


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   eco-system-wide red sea marine environmental protection requirements for the implementation of the project does not meet the "one-vote veto"

   efforts to protect the marine environment, marine ecological civilization construction further deepened. Strengthen top-level design, the province issued the views of marine ecological civilization construction, planning, clear objectives and tasks of marine ecological civilization construction. Adhere to environmental priorities, the marine environmental protection as an important part of building an ecological province, into the government environmental assessment objectives. The red line in the lead in the establishment of ecological systems in all seas, marine ecological compensation system, the ecological red line area accounts for 20.44 percent of the provinces jurisdictional waters, it is important ecologically fragile area of 鈥嬧€媡he ocean, sensitive areas to achieve full coverage.

   strict evaluation of the use of sea off the environmental impact, strict waters for all new construction, renovation, expansion of coastal and marine engineering projects using demonstration and marine environmental impact assessment, the project does not meet the requirements of marine environmental protection, the implementation of "one vote veto."

   Qingdao, Yantai and other cities selected countries "Blue Bay remediation action" City

   insist on the protection and ecological management in both the implementation of the Jiaozhou Bay, Laizhou Bay ecological restoration project, Qingdao, Yantai, Rizhao, Weihai selected countries "blue Bay remediation action" city, shared the central special funds 1.3 billion. Actively develop ecological regulation and repair waters since the 2012 financial arrangements for the provincial capital of 3.3 billion yuan, the implementation of various rehabilitation projects more than 300, more than 100 kilometers of coastline remediation, conservation beach more than 30 km. Ocean Prediction Center set up a provincial disaster reduction, developed a storm tide, red tide, sea ice, tsunamis, oil spill contingency plans, etc., initially set up marine forecasting and mitigation system.

   the provinces marine ecological environment quality is generally stable, in line with the provinces 2016 one, twoClass seawater quality sea area of 鈥嬧€媘ore than 90%, and build a solid blue barrier to economic and social development of the province.

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