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   As the water purifier market developments, water purifier in home appliances ordinary people are also becoming increasingly popular, and the role played by water purifier is also growing important; our water purifier agents, distributors, sellers and consumers of services necessary to do the work, then we need to use water purifiers, the service need to know some knowledge to understand, can be more better services for consumers, following Yisheng Yuan water purifier water purifier knowledge of some brands will be presented to you, deficiencies, but also look correction;

   First, the water purifier high-pressure pump does not start, water can not be made

   1, check whether the power outage, the plug is plugged in.

   2, to check whether the low pressure switch failure, not power.

   3, the pump checks whether the short-circuit and the transformer, the whole or incorrect line connection.

   4, the controller checks whether the level or high-voltage switch failure, can not be reset.

   5, the computer checks whether there is a fault cartridge (refer microcomputer type).

   Second, the water purifier normally high-pressure pump, but can not make the water

   1, pressure loss of the high pressure pump.

   2, water inlet solenoid is faulty not (no waste water) (is reversed).

   3, the pre-filter blockage (no waste water or waste water is small).

   4, the check valve failure (with no waste water).

   5, automatic washing solenoid valve failure, can not be effectively turned off (rinse has been in a state).

   6, the computer can not close the recoil defective cartridge solenoid valve (rinse has been in a state).

   7, RO membrane fouling.

   Third, the high pressure pump purifier not stop

   1, pump pressure is less than the high pressure, high pressure setting of the pressure can not be achieved.

   2, check valve plug, not water.

   3, a high pressure failure, can not jump.

   4, solenoid valve failure, can not effectively open the

   Yi Shengyuan purifier manufacturers emphasize the role of the water purifier can purify water daily, but the domestic water purifier market water purifier brand good and bad, in the choice of water purification products be sure to buy the regular water purifierBrand products.

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