Springs to water purifiers to convene a national semir core

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   "whole-house drinking water system experts, RO machine and central water purifier industry-leading": May 25, 2015, Stephen to water purification company in 2015 for the first time the core dealer seminar in Shenzhen grand opening. The conference invited the country 30 outstanding core distributors, we gathered a total of Xianliang Ce; through the "introduction of new products, business ideas to share, eliminating troubles" and other sectors, dealers Xinxinbaopeng, springs to RO water purification machines and central machine industry-leading, full-house drinking water system deeply rooted concept of high-end positioning.

   The first is the spring will be chairman Ouyang Kwai The seminar opening speech, chairman of "a correct understanding of the role of terrestrial channels" on the topic insightful, clear thinking, dealers Ariadne; at the same time interpretation of the companys 2015 strategic development plan.


   "intelligent central water purification machines, imported Dow membrane": Quan, director of research and development to water purifiers Civil Engineering and on the "R & D team, patented technology, intelligent central water purification machines, imported pottery company RO membranes new machine "and the like were introduced one by one; show the perfect combination of artificial and technology.

   "real marketing Competition": Quan to operational backbone of rural market dealer and excellent mode of operation, will bargain, the terminal stores and other marketing operations were actual decomposition achieved participating dealers alike.

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