Ten reasons to tell you whyo use water purifier

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   Ten Reasons Why use water purifier tell you:

   1, water pollution: unqualified discharge of industrial water exacerbated by water pollution, water pollution caused by the life decline; national environment department statistics, 82% of the rivers are polluted to varying degrees; seven major river systems in the country, it is not suitable for drinking water source of the river more than half; 78% of urban water in the river is not suitable for drinking water sources; about 50% of urban groundwater contamination; water contains many harmful substances right.



   2, improved quality of life, living drinking water standards corresponding increase residents. Yantai water purifier drinking water safety and health requirements, and taste better.

   3, water hazardous substances (such as heavy metals, impurities and bacteria, radioactive substances and fluorescent substances, etc.) harm to the body, especially for youth and womens skin had a tremendous impact .

   4, PH to form neutral or weak alkaline water fishes of health benefits, the general tap water failed to reach this requirement, drinking water to colorless, tasteless , the same smell, no visible precipitate, aquatic organisms repulsive substances, but now after a running water pipe used for a long time, has been mainly the a.

   5, the water pipe network of secondary pollution: water contamination after the factory, subject to a long pipe network and towers, water tanks and other facilities, very much in contact, the presence of serious pollution problems, such as: rust, scale and corrosion.

   6, most of the tank rise, long-term non-tower hand care, can not be cleaned, the water tank by increasing number of deposits, even grow moss; differential sealing conditions , bacteria, viruses, or even rotting animal carcasses, seriously polluted the water quality.

   7, in order to drink healthy water, the water can not put all the material is completely removed, to retain essential human right amount of minerals.

   8, in todays increasingly serious water pollution, household water purifiers Yantai people want to promote a high quality of life of healthy drinking water; low-carbon economy of saving, health technology is a necessary condition for todays drinking water.

   9, on water quality characteristics of each region, the organic pollution along the Yangtze River and personnel densely populated areas is serious, and township enterprises around the small water and groundwater use areas there is bacterial contamination problem.

   10, water purifier manufacturers to look at todays form, frequent outbreaks of water pollution around the world, freshwater resources are becoming scarce, when a low-carbon, environmental protection has become the focus of world attention when, the water purifier in the country has over ten years of environmentally friendly products, more and more people are understanding and acceptance.

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