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   With the rapid development of modern industry, many people have found that water resources in a certain degree of change, more and more pollutants are discharged into the water them, and the role of water purifiers are becoming increasingly apparent. For users in rural areas, the appliances sales also let more people aware of the water purifier of this product, but many people may not know enough about the product and for this. Although it is known for its clean water with some help, but the classification of the water purifier is still scanty, it is also possible to purchase it will therefore be taken, must pay more attention, you know the water purifier it? For everyone to analyze in detail today , water purifiers related knowledge, so when you purchase easier.



   water purifier definition

   In fact, the definition of the machine is not difficult, mainly through filtration way to let some substance removal machine water. Its working principle is filtered, using a physical way to be removed by a filter more precision to avoid harmful substances in water through and, ultimately, a more healthy water, clean water is generally achieved through multiple filtering methods purpose. According to different structures and different filters, and ultimately the effect is not the same. Relatively cost naturally there is a certain gradient, which are to be used as a reference point.


   common among the general market is the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, in fact, the role is very simple. Many manufacturers when selling water purifiers, water purifiers will inevitably effect hype. Manufacturers who tend to make propaganda out of the water purifier, up to standard composite references, but does not directly indicate what kind of standards. Standard actually refers to the water to drink, in fact, can also be seen in the role of water purifier, is to the already polluted water after treatment, reference may become, in essence, it is to enhance the quality of action. However, because of the different cartridges, there are differences in the degree to enhance water quality.

   The number of cartridges

   Many businesses will also be promoting their own water purifier filter by number of publicity just how good, but the water purifier filter is not possible, but try to meet local water quality is better. Because during the time of treatment need to focus on the impact itself has a kind of filter. From the point of view of the effect of the filter, reverse osmosisAfter nearly pure water permeable membrane treatment, and when the memory ultrafiltration filter, ultrafiltration membranes can not achieve the effect of ro 鈥嬧€媟everse osmosis membrane filter but the principle is the same both, through the filter pore size filter to help . Usually a water purifier cartridge remains at 4-7, not better.



   water purifier models

   In fact, not all water purifiers are small water purifier, which there are a number of large net industrial use water heater. They can be large quantities of water at the time of treatment process, relatively speaking, the cost is very expensive, and in the process of treatment, those machines will be selected in line with the standards for water treatment. In fact, the principle is the same choice, is to help physically remove substances contained in the water, the water eventually able to meet emission standards. Home use water purifier is often a relatively small amount of water, while relatively high precision, because it is used for reference.


   difficult to find from the basics of water purifier, this machine actually type in terms of the distribution market, the principle function of the filter, are with their different characteristics , and therefore at the time of purchase, must pay attention to local water conditions and the effect of its own demand for water, and then again with water purifier to choose. Of course, also built on top of a certain quality standard, because the big brands of water purifiers hope this can have a longer life, but in time to replace the filter also has a guarantee, plus has a sale can help you solve the course among some of the problems, so far as possible to meet their needs taken into account under the brand.

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