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   Many people will ask before investing in water purifier water purifier Agent better to do? It is said that in a second-tier cities, higher consumer acceptance of new things, but also more receptive to water purifiers, net water is agent in the city should be pretty good. However, from the development trend, the four-tier cities and even towns huge potential market water purifier.

   water purifier in the four-tier cities or rural areas do promotion may encounter some obstacles, such as consumers have their own drinking water is not very clean or use water purifiers and other consumer psychology. How, then, water purification agents franchisee break this consumer psychology, let the water purifier in the countryside to be "hanging open," sell it


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   The first step:? Expound existing rural water hazards

   though a small rural city in all industrial pollution, but well-developed agriculture, widespread use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, environmental awareness is not usually rural people, thrown away these chemicals, resulting in water contamination, from the sharp decline in the rural fields of fish and shrimp, catfish, frog and now you can see that. In addition, many rural households still drink their own well water, which in addition to the water containing pesticides, fertilizers, and because of the rain washed sediment into the well and a lot of bacteria and viruses, in such a case, home users to enter home tap water generally is not treated, but directly to boil drinking. These are rural objective reality show, in fact, rural households can feel your own, but no one to remind you not realize the seriousness of it, if the water purification agents franchisee at the time to explain again accompanied by some of the visual picture, will be able to resonate, consumers will drink their current water quality is safe to make a reflection.

   The second step: to make consumers aware of the risks of tap water in the home

   kitchen usually built in rural home in a tank to store daily with water, water and more families may one day use a tank less water family may take days to use a tank, the water in the storage tank where more than a few days, it may become stagnant water. Water storage tank looks easy, the water will precipitate, but most home users just have to take a tank lid on, leading to a number of bacteria and viruses, and even cockroaches and other unidentified objects entering, in addition, residents will not be cleaned every day water tanks, usually ranging from a few days to more than two weeks to clean up again, this time into the water even if the home is clean,This leads to serious water tanks secondary pollution. In explaining this time, if the water purification agents franchisee can come up with an enlarged photograph or video of some microorganisms tank bottom, will be very shocked, cause for concern.

   The third step: to do some tests to detect, visually show daily water status

   Under normal circumstances, the water looks are crystal clear, so residents will be wishful thinking local water it is good. Good in the end, he said rumor, experiment as evidence, water purification agents franchisee can be detected by some of the water quality of equipment, such as water quality testing, TDS pen, water electrolysis, etc., using scientific means to verify the water quality. Rural consumers, while accepting the message may be somewhat slow, but not dull, also believe in science testing, psychological tension generated so shaken original concept.

   The fourth step: proven efficacy, demonstrate water purifier

   Seeing is believing, consumers may not need to understand the principles of water purifiers do not need to know water purification materials, as long as consumers see the results, he will believe the role of water purifier. Let the water purifier visible, you need to do experimental demonstration, let the dirty water into pure water out of which the best way is to use water with the addition of color ink as the raw water, after water purifier, out the water is clean, so that consumers have witnessed artifact effect water purifier, in order to impress consumers and promote consumer purchase. In addition, if a user wandering, can enhance the demonstration effect, such as onlookers to demonstrate in person, or free to grab a handful of sand on the ground into the raw water.

   The fifth step: to explain the water purifier using a simple method

   water purification agents to join in the demonstration effect consumer water purifier, you may have to obtain consumer acceptance and agree, at this time, water purification agents franchisee can explain to consumers, water purifiers not only powerful, very simple to install and use. Demonstration machine to do the best at this time is Rongshida free installation of water purifiers STG-101, directly to the water tank back into the machine, plug in the power can use, no installation, filter replacement too fast, and even home appliances than the average can be more convenient and simple, to this point, the consumer does not want to be tempted is immune.

   there is nothing, compared to small cities or rural areas in terms of urban water purifier Agent perhaps to some of the difficult, but as my countrys accelerating urbanization in rural areasDevelopment, we believe that as long as good marketing, popularization of water purifier good common sense, so that rural users from a clear understanding of water purifier products, will be able to open up the rural context, open the vast rural water purifier market just around the corner.

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