Water continued strong sales of home appliances ordinary use

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Simple block gauze he placed in boiling water, loofah isochronous can boil water, the water floe harmful? Water and the floc is harmless to human body but will affect the human senses and taste of drinking water. therefore. Replacement over time; can buy a water purifier, but there have to be replaced regularly containing activated carbon.


no one cares to eat their own cooking oil is not, when people are still worry about food and clothing. Because the bark have become a luxury food. But when people solve the basic material needs, but also on the quality of life is the pursuit of a higher, while health problems has become the most important of them.


health appliances momentum into a blowout state. With the issue of air quality, water pollution and other frequent exposure, from the development of two appliances can be seen. In addition PM25 air cleaner, air conditioning function in addition to formaldehyde and water purification equipment is sold in full swing.


information fed back from the point of view, the water easily have done a survey. 68% of users believe the role of the drinking fountains, drinking tap water filtration believe more good for your health. And this part of the 74% of users have installed a home water purifier, while another 26% of users have to do is purchase intention.


because trust in the aftermarket, then what kind of water purifier should we do? Consumers seem a bit unsure of the currently identified only some of the big brand products. The solution to the water purification technology is poorly understood. Those small brand, never heard of the brand water purifiers, consumers are taking a skeptical attitude. From the overall situation in terms of causing consumer confusion is the country have a certain awareness causes of water purifier does not have a unified standard, thus resulting in the current water purifier market was mixed.


The main portion of the water purifier filter is, in general. PP cotton filter into the main, activated carbon and RO membranes. PP cotton used to filter any particulate material larger pore size between 5 and 10 m; activated carbon is mainly used for adsorption of different color, odor and chlorine organic substances and topical; and precision of the RO membrane is about 00001渭m, colloidal interception and other smaller particulate matter. Thus, through the water purifier after called "pure water"


in units of mg / L dissolved in 1 liter of water indicated milligrams solid impurities, the TDS refers to the total amount of solid was dissolved in water. Wherein it comprises the total amount of inorganic and organic. But things did not Shiquan10 US, after PP cotton, activated carbon, pure water of harmful substances by filtration, but also removes mineral elements essential potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, strontium, zinc, etc., and these minerals are necessary for the body of some It is only through drinking water to supplement the


TDS lower the value is not in line with the representatives of the drinking life, so to say. In the country July 1, 2007 2008 by the National Codex Committee and the Ministry of Health jointly issued a drinking water health standards "of organic matter in drinking water, microbial, toxicological indicators, sensory state, radioactive indicators have complete testing specifications, so say TDS only prove the purity of the water, but does not prove that the water quality.


In addition to these regular replacement of the filter, the filter is also worth noting that the core of partially water purifier. Shihai buy need to pay attention to ensure the quality and quality, or the secondary pollution caused by the filter would be counterproductive.


many consumers at home tap water anomalies there are worries and concerns. The taste of tap water has chlorine, such as a smell of chlorine in the tap water has just been connected into it. This is mainly to ensure the safety of tap water hygiene to prevent microbial contamination, prevent epidemic diseases and contamination chlorine antivirus carried out. Although chlorine is harmless to humans, but organic chlorine readily with water, forming disinfection by-products.


by the shedding of epithelial cells, clumps of bacteria, parasites or parasite eggs, fecal composition or foreign matter. Lack of water intake prone to kidney stones, whether drinking hard water will get stones? Calculus is an inorganic salt or an organic substance. There is a stone in the normal core. Lack of calcium and magnesium ions in water is easily kidney stones.


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