Years to promote the Dragon Boat Festival An encounter Star

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Dragon Boat Festival, people in a foreign country is to miss their loved ones, but in order to be able to send gifts to relatives and family health, often under the online store to buy gifts or electricity supplier. In recent years, domestic water pollution problem is exacerbated, better to send gifts to health, household water purifiers gradually become the preferred gift, one to the festive season, the water purifier market will abnormal hot, especially this year presses greatly Then came the Dragon Boat Festival, the net savvy water heater manufacturers to see this trend, how can we missed a great opportunity to make money. When the two festivals together, what have hot promotion scene? Here Xiaobian go and see.

   years to promote encounters Fathers Day Dragon Boat Festival this year, playing the family card

   this years big promotion, the next happens to be Fathers Day and Dragon Boat Festival, promotions not only June 18 years to promote, the more there is the Dragon Boat Festival "dumplings love", "father of love" when it became business opportunities aimed season, major businesses have played a promotional card, years to promote water purifier just become the Dragon Boat Festival added fathers Day is the highlight of the ceremony. All businesses were wearing all kinds of promotions, such as "Dragon Boat Festival met Fathers Day, the feast of low-cost water purifier", "anniversary banquet in town", "break the reserve price," "water purifier 0 yuan purchase "and so on, in recent days, Lynx, Jingdong promotional advertising assembly sounded fresh water life, are convey such information: the price has been despicably low, come buy it.

   Insiders said that in previous years, the Dragon Boat Festival, a water purifier is mainly promotional price war. This year, because of the June 18-year presses greatly promotions, the Dragon Boat Festival want years to promote, by contrast, was relatively weak, so the years to promote Fathers Day Dragon Boat Festival with activities to do together, lead to promotion to the highest point to Ann Star brand represented, to pull the years to promote water purifier, the Dragon Boat Festival, fathers Day promotions, new products not only sale at a low price, but also gift of equal value spree, set off the water purifier market.

   An STAR launched a number of promotional products are more Hao Li both hands

   years, the Dragon Boat Festival, Fathers Day is approaching, the weather was hot. Its attractions to those crowded and sweaty, it is better to participate in home security Star water purifier buying activities, had a carnival. Here, exciting activities for you to remove the tired in the first half; here, luxury gifts make you feel festive joy; come here, you drink with a variety of water purifier a better life present, Ann Star 50C3 new publicity reservations,! It has already started years to promote livemove. The following Xiaobian to see what activities together.

   Activity One: Ann Star Lynx flagship store truth big back, 99 yuan book in advance Ann Star New 50C3 water purifier, success at June 18 single gift $ 1099 Seventh House ceremony, the original price of 4980 yuan high-end intelligent Water purifier can buy only 1099 yuan, the challenge of high-end water purifiers water purification industry cost-effective

   activity two:! Ann Star Lynx flagship single-store explosion models AZX-08UF-C3 + 2B five water purifiers, gold coin one yuan worth 152 yuan predetermined grab fine value spree, at 0:00 on June 18 to open looting, as well as the top 100 free single quota, during the event, one million coupons you receive a collar discount coupons to buy more, try you are not that lucky, Ann Star 6.18 pinnacle of none other can not miss

   three activities:! Ann Star Jingdong flagship store AZX-08UF-C5 five ultrafiltration drinking water purifier , ultra fine micro-channel exclusive price of just 618 yuan, 181 yuan savings, without having to wait years to promote, want to buy enough, there are more Hao Li both hands, please search Jingdong micro-channel end water purifier in Ann Star .

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