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  Scale harm should not be underestimated, to choose the right water filter can! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 316 Published: 2018-11-14 16:01:03 home users tap a serious scale, to buy a water purifier on the recommendation of the Purchasing Guide, the results filtered tap water (Figure ): this is due to the optional water purifier filter reason of insufficient accuracy, only the filtered water with an organic colloid organic matter, impurities and the like. Although it can drink, but it is generally recommended to drink standing for some time. Some might say, on the scale scale chant, drink down so many years, is not all right! Is this really true? First, what is the scale tap water or well water, when the water changes state (such as heating), the dissolved calcium ions and magnesium ions with certain ion form water-insoluble compounds or mixtures, which is the main component " calcium carbonate ", and the main component of the scale is calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate. Scale typically exists as a crystal, hard, difficult to remove once formed. So what are the scale harm? Second, the scale scale harm to human health have a more serious hazards to human health. Specific mainly in: likely to cause gastrointestinal digestion and absorption disorders, and urinary system diseases, such as constipation, while the scale if the worst case, can lead to gastritis and various kinds of stones such as raising kidney stones, urinary tract stones rate of serious illness. The tartar, periodontitis also have a greater relationship with the scale to some extent. Secondly, the scale cementation, often adhere ions of heavy metals, if the containers for drinking water, there is the risk of heavy metal ions dissolved in water is excessive. Third, the scale effects of scale usually cemented the living environment of the container or pipe surface. First, the scale poor thermal conductivity, can lead to deterioration Heat transfer to waste fuel or electricity. When domestic water, if the kettle has been closed, it will affect the full-scale water heating power about 30%, that would be more cost electricity, including electric water heaters as well. Secondly, if the scale cement to the water heater or boiler wall, but also due to the thermal expansion and contraction and uneven force, greatly increasing the risk of water heaters and boilers burst or explosion. Fourth, how to solve the scale problem? So you want to effectively descaling, the best selection of high precision filtration or reverse osmosis nanofiltration water purifier. Let drink plenty of water, more assured, more secure! !

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