Talking about the prospects Matsuura water purifier

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At present, over 99% of water plants still using conventional processing methods, i.e., a coagulation and a precipitate was filtered a chlorination purification process, and maintain a certain residual chlorine in the water supplied to the water user, this purification process is to remove suspended solids, colloids and bacteria, which removes dissolved organic matter and efficiency is very low, and, although the chlorination to kill the bacteria, but chlorine and organic matter in water once bound, the large amount of organic halide (trihalomethanes, THMS), and accounting for the majority of organic synthesis in drinking water, so that not only an organic raw water mutagens can not be removed, but will increase exponentially.

   Since domestic water including drinking water and cooking water for municipal water supply, etc. only 0.5% to 2%, so if all of the water plant treatment to the water quality of the water, this is neither necessary, economically unreasonable. Thus, more than a decade, providing high-quality drinking water as a water purifier at home and abroad has been a great development. The development and growth of an industry requires not only the support of national policy, but also need to focus on market forces to play. Show as the most effective platform to market mechanisms play a vital role in promoting trade cooperation and technological exchanges, promote industrial development.

   The main effect is to reduce the water purifier to remove harmful water or various inorganic, organic, metallic and non-metallic ions, high hardness, odor, color, chlorine and the like. The need for foreign water purifier gradually increased in recent years, the United States estimated that about 600 million units in use in Japan is about 200 million units, 100,000 units sold in Canada each year, in recent years, the use of domestic water purifiers family is also increasing rapidly , especially in urban and industrial and mining areas.

   The main water purification technology water purifier in the

   at home and abroad there are many water purification products, see its process, its water purification technology mainly in the following aspects:

   1, the adsorption filter

   activated carbon adsorption filter: granular activated carbon adsorption most earliest and filtration techniques developed. It is the use of granular activated carbon adsorption, remove various organic pollutants, odors, residual chlorine from the water, its purification effect is determined by the water quality and the empty bed velocity, and the flow rate should be as low to ensure that the water and the activated carbon has a longer contact time, if the primary purpose of removing organics, is frequently not a high-speed backwashing.

   Activated Carbon Fiber Filter: Activated carbon fiber is a new form of organic adsorbent activated carbon fiber treated, having a developed porous structure and huge surface area, a large number of functional groups, the adsorption performance was better than conventional powder activated carbon or granular activated carbon, AcF abroad for solvent recovery, gas purification has made important achievements.

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