Water purifier gives you an excuse to express love

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   Read the "Westward Journey" friends, almost always was touched by the love between Zijin fairy and Monkey King, their love touched too many people, the phrase "There was a sincere love in front of me, but I do not cherish, until losing my only regret, the most painful thing on earth than this if God can give me another chance, I would tell the girl three words:. " I love you! "If you have to give a time limit to this love, I hope a million years", is memorized how many fans, classic treat.


鍑€姘村櫒 缁欎綘涓€涓〃杈剧埍鐨勫€熷彛

   before seen on a visit Yeh, he said: "People are always subject to change, it is with you, you experience good, all things . "the host asked him why there is this change Yeh said:?." because indeed a thousand years too long, so do not wait that long. "

   Yes, love can not afford to wait as we slowly grow, the mood becomes different. Although many people think, love, wait for me what is the relationship, however, time waits for no ones really, time is changing, we are changing. Like my college classmate, a small six.


鍑€姘村櫒 缁欎綘涓€涓〃杈剧埍鐨勫€熷彛

   Six was my college roommate, from high school will have a good feeling boyfriend, four years of college but resisted the temptation to numerous and clung to male the feelings of friends. I have seen her boyfriend, a very handsome young man, also on a small six considerate, senior year winter vacation, we meet the parents and get blessings. We think theyll get married and have children, I did not realize, they separated, or as a water purifier.

   When the two people getting married, nearby to buy household goods, ready for home improvements, in the purchase of building materials, two people began to diverge. Because Six water body more sensitive to this, her family has several relatives have different degrees of stones, particularly small six would like to install a water purifier at home, in order to protect their drinking water safety, to protect their health, however, her boyfriend, identified as this is redundant, the water itself is safe. No matter how small six requirements, he is not agree, Six decided to leave. She was very plain about the process they broke up, in the end said to me: "fruit, even if he is the two thousand water purifier feel expensive, it later if I get sick, is not it was he abandoned? "


鍑€姘村櫒 缁欎綘涓€涓〃杈剧埍鐨勫€熷彛

   Later, in the familys introduction, she met her husband now, start small six did not agree until she found her husband sensitive to drinking water, buy a water purifier to installation her home and told her, later there he is, never let her worry about drinking water. Six said: "At that moment I was very moved, that he has been quietly concerned about me, no matter how I refused, have been concerned about my health." Now, they live very happy

   Six! ex-boyfriend, a small six times until marriage was completely understand her little six and have not go back, he said he was sorry, Zaozhidaojiu buy a water purifier. I told her, you just purifier separate fuse, you had never put sixty-six healthy mind, why should she go all the way with you!


鍑€姘村櫒 缁欎綘涓€涓〃杈剧埍鐨勫€熷彛.

   [ 123] water purifier is small, but protect the safety of drinking water you and your family, the guardian of his familys health. Water purifier, an excuse to express love to his family, friends, you also should have it?

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