Water purifier accessories to quickly deal secret

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   No matter what business to do, turnover is our greatest concern. No final deal, nothing. So, do water purifier accessories for business people, how can it improve the chances of deal?

   everything is "routine." Speaking of "routine", people will think the first reaction is deceptive trick. In fact, "routine" is just the older generation summed up an effective time-tested method only. "Routine" is not a cheat, but successful experience, way of doing things, is the industry secrets.

   in water purification accessories businessman, what is the effective way to increase sales?

   In fact, prompted no less than one hundred kinds of transactions method. And facilitate discussion at the core foundation of the deal - get trust.

   "Trust - deal" is a necessary process for all transactions. When your consumers and the products are also still have some concerns, it will not make a decision to buy. Trust is the basis of turnover.


   the following two points to illustrate the method of obtaining customer confidence:

   1, efforts by delivering value, to enhance customer for your trust.

   Why do companies like to hire celebrity endorsements? Why MLM organizations are always people to deceive relatives and friends? That is because of the fans like stars, friends and family undefended.

   water purifier parts supplier to obtain the trust of customers, need to do a few:

   鈶?do something to help the customer, rather than help their own thing.

   From the beginning of your business, "delivering value for our customers," When is guidelines for action. Delivery of value is not necessarily the substance is likely to be the attitude of a word, either warm or shock.

   鈶?increase interaction with customers, 涓€鍥炵敓浜屽洖鐔? how can a living trust.

   water purifier parts supplier in the face of customers, not cold, but to interact atmosphere, do not bother buying, come all off, there is only friendship interact, there is only friendship deal. Good friends are from strangers started to develop. Business, too, must have an open mind.

   done telemarketing knows that usually make a phone call, the chance of being rejected is very high, but as long as the other party is willing to take your phone 3-5, the turnover rate will be greatlyincrease.

   2, to dispel the concerns of customers, with "zero risk commitment."

   as zero risk commitment is to help customers reduce the risk of the transaction, even zero risk, in order to address customer concerns. Zero risk commitment is a great marketing tool. Successful businessman, and both understand the temptation zero risk commitment to customers.

   do not worry about zero risk commitment will give you losses. Dare to practice the following strategies:

   鈶?asked full refund guarantee. ( "If our products are not 100% satisfied, you can return, we will refund the full amount on the spot.")

   鈶?offer installment services. ( "Only to 19 yuan per month, you can immediately put the product to take home.")

   鈶?provide free trials. ( "The first item for free.")

   鈶?provide follow-up services products. ( "If in five years the product has any problem, we will 24-hour home repair.")

   water purifier accessories businessmen in particular need to apply zero risk purchase commitment to eliminate the burden on customers. Zero risk commitment is easy to implement, can easily lead to word of mouth, reduce customer choice concerns, enhance trust, eventually led to a deal.

   Of course, the way to get customers to trust there are many, but the above method is immediate.

   obtain user trust in big business, it is a systematic project, and for general business purposes, many details of the services is to control. Due to the special nature of water purifier accessories industry, the above method of operation will be in the actual implementation is different, you also need a water purifier parts supplier according to their own situation to make fine-tuning.

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