Water purification equipment how to select the whole family

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   quality of instability, so some families were using early water purification equipment, but not a good program, but also did not play to the best effect. So, overall household water purification equipment, how to choose?




home water purifier has been popular in the country, but many are new to the concept of home water purifier is still relatively vague, feeling no choice. 2020-06-04 small series about the family with you to explore how the overall water purification equipment selection.


prefilter water pre-filter device more junior in the filtration apparatus, is generally recommended mounted near total feed water, the water can filter out sand, rust and other particulate impurities. In addition to the kind of simple cartridge several hundred dollars, a thousand dollars on the market pre-filter has a straight flush and recoil both ways, some of the latter products more expensive, but the situation could wash a little better than the former.


The reason why the central water purifier called "central" because it can improve the water quality in the whole house, including water and drinking water. It is mainly used to remove the water of chlorine, odor, virus, etc. by KDF and activated carbon filter, so that the water is clean at home. General price to be several thousand dollars, or even million. It is the larger shape, and the mounting position of the same pre-filter, but the processing ability.


the market to sell the kind of water softener salt water softener salt because of the increase of the specific softener, the sodium ions can displace the calcium and magnesium ions, so that it is more comfortable with a wash, but also to prevent the pipe , fouling of the equipment. There is another called salt-free nano through the water softener, it can also prevent scaling to achieve results, but comfort is not strong, but need not be separated from the home drinking water pipes.


adding an antiseptic preservative dosing is a relatively new class of water treatment equipment, its main role is corrosion resistant. If the conditions, it is recommended to add such a device in the water after the salt water softeners. Adding raw material is food, do not worry about unsafe.


through these presentations, I am sure you know the entire home water purification equipment knowledge of how to choose it. You also promise that you will ask: Families with small make it necessary to install water purification equipment to find the answer in the knowledge base of small household drinking is yes, through it, you can rest assured that the drinking water at home?.




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