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   due to the rapid economic development in recent years, environmental issues, water pollution, air pollution is increasingly serious, "health drink a glass of water" has become the most important public issue, and to enhance the quality of drinking water purifier, also slowly spread to all of them among the families. However, the installed water purifier water quality can really get your insurance?



   water purifier indeed improve water quality problems, but can only filter water purifier out impurities in the water only, and for microorganisms and bacteria in the water, which lack not have any effect. Water purifier has a recognized "pain points" are frequent filter replacement, some families often complain about the water purifier filter 3-4 months dirty not have to be replaced.

   and basically installed a water purifier at home in the kitchen, drinking water daily water consumption in our daily lives only 3%, and that the remaining 97% are used in tap water to brush your teeth, wash, bath and other personal use them. Water naked eye saw that it was very clean, but did you know that tap water is contaminated after a second, was that we use.

   What is secondary pollution of tap water

   water we use every day, from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater. Drawn through water intake pumping station of rivers, lakes and groundwater, surface water, and after coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection dozens of procedures, qualified factory after "suffering" delivered to our home.

   that secondary pollution, water pollution produced by definition refers to the long "journey" in the. The main byproduct may be because some of the pipes aging rust appears, sediment, bacteria, viruses and other impurities and water plant chlorine disinfection formulation.

   that secondary pollution is how formed?

   1, home water pipe

   while passing the factory water delivered to our homes, but the sum of our daily water not more than four hours, while the water in the pipeGyeonggi long residence time, it will lead to rapid reduction in chlorine content in water, turbidity, color, iron, manganese, lead, zinc, total dissolved solids, bacteria and other indicators increased, they dry in the role of bacteria, corruption, fermentation.

   Over time, 5-7 mm thick formed of a different color, odor, toxic substances harmful to the health of the body, and firmly in the pipe wall adhesion, therefore, these not cleaned pipes, just like cancer, like the formation of toxic conduit. According to the statistics: over 90% of all the Chinese mainland have terrorist pipes.

   2, secondary water supply tank

   With the growing surge of urban high-rise residential area, people are yearning for live high-level vision. After the high-rise residential buildings in order to alleviate the general area of 鈥嬧€媟esidential water pressure in the water peak, the city public water supply will rise by secondary pressurized water supply equipment where each cell is then supplied to the residents.

   There are two general secondary spare water supply stored water, the water storage tank roof and ground water tower. So why would water pollution

   roof of the tower:? If the reservoir Mifengbuyan, not regularly cleaned and disinfected, rain and foreign matter into the tank, sediment accumulation, the breeding of harmful algae . Poorly maintained pipelines, rusted metal, resulting in flowing water becomes cloudy yellow.

   underground water storage tank: from high, low tank and pipeline leakage pollution, may cause microbial contamination, organic contamination and pollution of the heavy metal. If there is garbage or sewage seep through the pipeline near the pipe network, then the consequences could be disastrous.

   3, faucets levels of lead

   tap water through a series of "barrier" to reach our home, but you know, the tap may be It will become a secondary water pollution in "a." Due to tap the market of the product mix, fish, a lot of people buy the faucet, so cheap to buy substandardFaucet, causing water levels of lead in the home exceeded. According to estimates given by the World Health Organization show: about 60 million children worldwide each year resulting in mental retardation due to lead poisoning, lead poisoning caused about half of the global disease in Southeast Asia.

   secondary pollution of water have any effect on people?

   secondary pollution would cause great harm to the human body. Rust, chlorine, heavy metals and other toxic substances will greatly increase the likelihood of cancer, but those of us unseen in the water pipe attached to harmful substances, will be followed a little water be brought out through our lives eating water, wash with water gradually digested absorbed by the body and skin touch absorb and endanger human health

   fresh water plus suggestions, periodically clean water benefits:!

   water washing can remove dirt and bacteria in the wall, the most direct manifestation of the truly allows us to drink pure water, clean water pipes can also extend the life of the family. In addition to these, we all know that water pipes if the accumulation of dirt, then dirt will react with the water pipe material, then corrosion pipes, if these soils are cleared, then avoided the crisis pipe corrosion, to a certain extent, extended family also played a useful life of water, but also effectively protect our health.

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