5 students and school due to leukemia died ofuspectederious

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  Some Internet users posting that is located in Lianyungang Huaihai Institute of serious water pollution. Recently, a number of micro-channel public number of articles published, said the Lianyungang in Jiangsu Huaihai Institute of Technology "has five students who died of leukemia, severe pollution may be related to school quality" content.

   college student suffering from leukemia five school friends point out serious water pollution may not be immune to the disease!

   At present, the organization has the official authority of school water quality water supply network of tested samples, December 11 Lianyungang Municipal Center for disease control and prevention arrange for drinking water Huaihai Institute of sampling testing, test results will soon be published.

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   college student suffering from leukemia five school friends point out serious water pollution may not be immune to the disease!

   Huaihai Institute of Technology is one located in Lianyungang City of Jiangsu provincial universities. Began in early December this year, more than the school students to speak on social networks including microblogging, letter, post bar, said connecting two students died of leukemia within a month of school. The students expressed concern about the quality of the school, and posted relevant photos.

   December 10, Huaihai Institute of Technology Youth League released its official microblogging microblogging @ Huaihai Institute of Youth League, expressed respond for "Huaihai Institute of Technology students suspected of suffering from leukemia and related to school quality content" and instructions and posted reply link.

   the current water situation is really worrying, the major media have reported incidents related to water pollution, serious consequences make them, scared, shudder, water quality and safety of the school are all difficult to ensure safety, not to mention our water quality in the homes of ordinary people to use it?

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   After the water with chlorine gas, it is possible to kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, and viruses and bacteria corpses persistsin. Water purifier through the layers of the filter can filter the water can almost all impurities sediment, colloids, rust, algae, bacteria and viruses, solubility of the compound, heavy metal ions, can be directly filtered water to drink, the water and good taste can be indirect drinking, do not boil, so the family is the best drinking water treatment program.

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