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If someone asked water purification agents better to do? My answer is yes. In the 21st century, water purifiers gradually into our ordinary family from the West. It is now a fast-growing speed of the long rise, but in terms of popularity, most families have not gained popularity, so vast domestic market, is a good object of investment. However, water purification agents really do it? What conditions water purification agents to have it? Xiao Bian today just as we explain.

   water purification agents better to do?

   compared to the previous water purifier market, the water purifier industry enterprises have been as high as the number of ten million a day, a new water purifier brand was born, showing how intense water purification industry Yes.

   and water purification problems experienced by more than bottled water is indeed better than, the competition is also more intense in the next few years, let us look at the domestic market and countries like Japan and South Korea, from the water purifier development point of view, is the most popular in developed countries, especially the United States and European countries up to 80% of popularity in Japan and South Korea country, also has a 60% penetration rate, the same, these countries have experienced in the early stages water purifier the slow development, if Japan and South Korea took 20 years to do development roadmap, a dozen years ago is basically no increase (but really on the rise, but more slowly), and in subsequent years, the water purification industry suddenly Mengjin hair, suddenly increased from 7% to 60% penetration.

   What conditions for a water purification agent comprising?

   Usually purifier manufacturers agents to have the following four conditions.

   First, there must be a certain number of years in business, for the original background and water purification products is closely related to the first choice, say: do appliances, bathroom, stove with smoke, solar energy and building materials.

   Second, the line has a ready-made stable channels can be shared, the best get to know some real estate agents or open the decoration companies.

   Third, there are ready-made 30-50 square shops or stores and small shopping centers in the local area there are stalls shops.

   Fourth, there are certain broad network of resources and abundant capital. Fifth, behind can have a mature team or partner along with management and so on.

   as long as you want to invest in water purification industry, as long as you want to join the brand water purifier. If conditions permit customers will be given the opportunity to free distribution in place, and factoryHome will help sell 80%, nothing to worry about sales issues.

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