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   Currently on the market leading water purifier used varied, there is mounted directly on the machine, there is an external use requires a separate installation, but the mainstream market leading-end under the kitchen water purifier used by external are used alone installation. Here, we will talk to those things end faucet mounted water filter.




talk those things end faucet mounted water filter (picture from the network)

   by the end use of drinking water purifiers are generally or cooking, little as domestic water, it is usually treated water are purified using a separate conduit for the user to use a specific installation can be divided into two kinds, one mounted on a wall, this kind of old-fashioned decoration installation method is applicable, under no circumstances the table; the other is to install countertop, tabletop environment further divided into stainless steel basin, stainless steel countertops, marble countertops (including man-made and natural), HPL countertops, ceramic pots, concrete, glass and so on, so many installation environments and what matters is that we need to pay attention to it? What kind of tools they need to prepare for it?

   tool before installing faucet water purifier prepare

   [ 123] we need to prepare tools are: hand drill, 12 ~ 16mm woodworking hole saw, 6mm percussion bits, 12 ~ 16mm stainless steel alloy opening, net tap wrench, PE pipes pipe cutters, 12 ~ 16mm glass openings device.

   in front of faucet water purifier Installation environment

   can be divided according to the table made of stainless steel basin, stainless steel table, marble tops (including artificial, natural), HPL table, ceramic pots, concrete , tempered glass and so on.

   faucet water purification installation techniques

   When the stainless steel is not too fast positioning speed opening, preferably taking a vertical aperture; positioning the drill bit to drill steel;

   natural marble countertop / artificial quartz stone / ceramic positioning opening speed not too fast, after positioning vertically inclined opening, while the opening is held at the working position deluge; press force is prohibited; slower initial then gradually accelerated; [ 123]

   when an artificial marble countertop opening positioned speed not too fast, the opening positioned vertically inclined, the lower press firmly prohibited, then gradually slow initial speed to accelerate.

   after the water purifier intalledClean up the site

   After installation, need to be cleaned on-site waste, in three positions: countertops, walls, audience; waste type is divided into: metal debris, dust, debris, sewage;

   the step of cleaning are as follows: a mixture of water and waste cleanup aperture when wet towel; brush cleaning metal chips by hand (with gloves) and the bulk of the hard metal scrap waste charged garbage bag; wet towels to clean up dust, debris again; with a dry towel to clean the surface of water damage.

   faucet water purifier late maintenance

   faucet water filter in use for some time, due to the surrounding environment more humid, will be oil, detergent, such as corrosion, mechanical wear and valve body , various faults may occur, for example, leading to the valve body junction leakage, where typically an O-ring seal aging;

   long-term use of natural leader loose fastening nut to reinstall the mixer; leading surface corrosion is acid, alkali or corrosive substance furring stick with a toothbrush and toothpaste, gently scrub polishing old stockings, and finally with orange peel on the surface wipe, wash with a mild liquid glass cleaner (free acid, alkali).

   faucet mounted water filter oversized hole soap solution

   using an adjustable jaw compositions spacer shims mounted +, stainless steel for a variety of pore size is too large installation environment.

   The above is currently on the market often encountered several installation environment, a skilled master table to identify the material on the obvious is particularly important for service personnel. As a water purifier installed one of the important aspects of water purifier faucet installation embodies professionalism, so that the living environment integrated water purifiers and home users, in order to better improve water purifier user experience.

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