3m water purifier- care of the baby grow from thsource

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   making a small bottle of milk, seemingly simple, but you know, how much control the water temperature? How to select the water? These problems plaguing the moment really many new parents the "new" parents who. Typically, the water first with the powder should be completely boiled, then dry of about 40 鈩?warm water, because the water in this temperature range is not only beneficial to promote sugar, milk powder dissolved in the water, the more uniform transfer milk, milk powder better ensure nutrients are not destroyed.

   Then the water temperature, water quality come to talk. Experimental results demonstrate bottle brewed milk has about 80% of the ingredient is water. Dr. Lei Yonggang from the field of water purification in the prestigious Fortune 500 companies 3m companys technology R & D Center said: "At present, people usually carefully selected for milk powder in fact, compared with the powder in water quality and milk. in a sense has a more important role. "at present, the world-famous 3m innovative technology companies for many well-known brands represented have launched a suitable home water purifier products. It is worth mentioning that, 3m company launched a new "net Zi" series of water purifiers is a designed custom-tailored products for the maternal and child population, reflecting 3m it has consistently advocated the concept of innovation and technology with personalized care and into the modern home life.

   In addition to the series of chemical contaminants can rust sediment filter tap water, chlorine odor and include chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, including, in particular, of lead (Pb) and other heavy metals harmful substances has strong purifying filter effects. In addition, the "net Zi" series of water purifiers also integrates the "Black Miracle" activated carbon rod 3m, not only the efficiency of the filter is significantly improved, and the effect of a filter cartridge as much as multivessel ordinary filters, significant savings home replacement cost of the filter element, from almost every detail to the drinking water on the health of the baby and the family paste "core" care!

   compared with the traditional boiled water, bottled or purified bottled water, water purifiers usually It can be easily attached to the lower cabinet, in municipal water as raw water, in conjunction with various filtering techniques and the filter material, while removing the water of various harmful substances, retain the physiological activity of the raw water to meet the "fresh filtered, fresh reference" high quality of life demands, users only need to replace the filter regularly to enjoy high-quality long-term health of the water. In time to give the baby powdered milk or drinking, if this water, either keep the water beneficial to human bodyTrace elements to promote infant brain and body growth and development, but also the ability to filter lead, chlorine and other harmful substances, and significantly improve the taste, care of the baby grow from the source.

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