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  UF, RO reverse osmosis membrane, household water purifiers in the end how to choose? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 287 Published: 2018-11-29 16:12:59 fresh air and healthy water is a fundamental human survival, but with the city to accelerate the process of industrialization, haze and water pollution questions frequently plagued by the public, especially in recent years the Yangtze river, Yellow river, Pearl river and other rivers trunk more than 50% were exposed water pollution incident, safe drinking water in an emergency. Water purifier It is in this background, into the consumer perspective and is seen by many as family health drinking water last line of defense! In fact, the water purifier has a history in foreign countries, after the second industrial revolution, Western countries also face nearly a hundred years of severe water pollution problems, resulting in frequent outbreaks of pandemics, and from that time invented water purification technology, today water purifiers in homes abroad penetration as high as 80%. However, in sharp contrast to the current domestic water purifier penetration rate of less than 8%, public awareness of water purifier it is not very comprehensive, in order to make everyone more clear and intuitive understanding of water purifier, the election of their own family the case of water purification products, following Returning get to the "water purifier how to choose what"? Tim net water purifier, there are two categories, namely, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis RO membranes, their main difference on the filter pore size of the membrane, that is, we often say - filter! First, RO membranes reverse osmosis water purification. RO reverse osmosis membrane water purifier in recent years to usher in hot, reverse osmosis technology at the beginning of the invention, the first to be used in space, astronauts cabin solve the water problem. Not difficult to imagine, in a sealed capsule that small space, every drop of water is very precious, the astronauts of sweat, urine and bathing water, need to be recycled, so, also known as reverse osmosis purified water in space water. At the same time, reverse osmosis technology has also been applied to desalination and wastewater treatment. The basic principle of reverse osmosis membrane RO - RO water passing direction of one end of the membrane is pressurized when the pressure reaches a certain level, water molecules against natural infiltration as reverse osmosis, thereby obtaining purified water. The biggest difference with the general filtering technique is the use of reverse osmosis filters must be energized using the water purifier, the ratio of the filtering process also produces waste water, waste water and pure water is about 1: 1 to about 1: 3, so that each filtration basic will waveMore than half of the costs of water. Although RO reverse osmosis water costs a bit, but this is currently the most advanced domestic water purifiers water purification program, get water and almost pure water, suitable for direct drinking. Reverse osmosis water purifiers generally only for home drinking water filtration, drinking 2 liters of water per person per day calculation, a family of three out of a maximum of 18 liters of water a day to waste, waste about 6.57 tons of water a year (365 days count), economically well within the acceptable range, but we may have to consider the environmental aspects under. Pros: purified water basically be pure water, drink straight. Cons: waste water, need electricity, the water is slow. Ultrafiltration is currently the most mainstream water purifier filter membrane. Membrane filters out most of the impurities in the water, or heavy metal ions but Mozhe (RO membrane can filter heavy metals). Ultrafiltration advantages: low cost, fast water, no electricity to run the ultrafiltration Cons: not fully filter heavy metals in the end that we should choose the RO membrane or ultrafiltration? This should be selected according to specific houses and family situation. If it is a new residential area, and using a water pump, then water quality will be relatively more secure. UF water purification units installed on the same subject. But if the second-hand housing or live in the old district, or some of the new high-rise district but with a secondary water supply tank, in order to safe drinking water, it is recommended to buy RO reverse osmosis water purifier, honest drink pure water now!

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