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   Although the Lanzhou pollution incident more than two years have passed, but in the past two years around the water pollution incident has never stopped. Today, we analyze whether the source of drinking water in the crisis year of the proposed lifting of the Peoples Daily? Water crisis in the end "crisis" in what?


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The water crisis is still not to lift water security remains dangerous (Photo from Internet)

   As we all know, water from the water source to the residents of the home faucets, will go through four areas: water source, water plants, municipal water pipes, water tank and storage pool water supply equipment and other cities, these four areas there are security risks in varying degrees.

   is not up to the height of the water source

   easily contaminated water sources upstream, non-compliance in many places. Aspects of surface water, environmental protection department released data show that my countrys water reservoir, the lake water quality compliance rate is not high. In April this year, Ministry of Water Resources issued a document called the National Bacheng groundwater undrinkable, causing public panic. In addition, there are reportedly 250 million residential residents near key enterprises and highways.

   One expert pointed out that Chinas water quality is poor, will bring many diseases for people, but even worse is that even such poor water quality can not be maintained for a long time.


   waterworks process

   with the original extent of water pollution has been increasing, water supply companies in the sectors of water quality compliance processes and equipment are also lagging behind.

   a professor, he said: "About 90% of our current or conventional process water plant used is coagulation sedimentation - filtration - sterilization, which is referred to as the old three years ago with 100. three sets of old, our country after so many years of development, from the hands of the workshop, all the way to the most advanced chemical industry, all kinds of pollution no longer able to deal with the old three sets. "

   It is understood that the water plant , 97% of water use old technology, primarily killing microbial contamination. Further take 3% depth process can remove heavy metal ions and organic contamination. The excess water disinfection additive almost unspoken rules for each water plant.

   + old aqueduct toxic

   Water "last kilometer" of the pipeline is safe, the water is closely related to the safety of residents in the home. Old aqueduct tap water safety shadowSound can not be ignored, and the cities tend to monopolize water resources for some enterprises, the transformation in the pipeline above the loss of the right to speak. Aging pipe network will first cause leakage, burst pipes caused by easy to make the case next encounter water secondary pollution. Lanzhou pollution incident, it is because of oil into the water pipes caused by benzene.

   CCTVs "Focus" has reported that transport water pipes "toxic." In 2012, new water pipes, plastic pipes accounted for half of them! And they are all plastic pipe materials made from recycled plastic toxic materials, materials lift, green barrels and other materials, which has become the industrys public secret.

   water supply tank, reservoir into the bog

   due to the rapid development of urban high-rise buildings, inadequate municipal water supply network, water supply network is too broad, there is not enough water pressure and force store water was delivered to each place, so in the elevated position to establish a local water supply tank or reservoir. But the general lack of reservoir and water container management, there is no uniform standard.

   reservoir is generally related to the property sector is responsible for construction management, standards are also varied. Result of years of community pool is not cleaned, disinfected or stamped locking, rain and foreign matter into the tank, sediment accumulation, harmful algae breeding. Dead rat, junk items rust and rust shedding skin, bodies floating pests and other conditions often occur.

   Fortunately, 2012 July 1, China to enforce new standards for drinking water. The drinking water quality standards will be increased from 35 index increased to 106, with the worlds most stringent quality standards - EU water quality standards essentially flat. Chinas drinking water seems to be coming true direct.

   However, this is also high hopes for the new standard only on paper, and there is no clear penalties, the local government reform process and water treatment plants there has been little progress. Even in the best conditions tap water in Beijing, the last ten years invested heavily in the transformation of the water supply network, has not yet been replaced, so far unrealized drinking water. Most medium and small towns of the old pipeline issue can not be compared with Beijings drinking water "crisis" can be imagined. Peoples Daily, the year of the proposed water crisis is still not lifted, water safety is still dangerous (Source: HC)

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