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   With the rapid development of the times, in the face of the current severe water pollution sharply horrors, safety and health for the people have a new understanding of home water purifier destined to slowly become one of the essential household appliances. More and more people into the water industry, agents franchisees generally need to pay attention to what.


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   First, whether there had been adequate knowledge of the local market

   When investors preparing to enter the water purification industry, we must give priority to the overall water quality of the local market case and average consumption levels. As well as some other brands much to walk around the store and see what they have carried out on the product quality and style of a general understanding, these are the agents franchisee must know, the saying goes, "Know thyself, party be yourself "but these questions many times the agent franchisee may be imperfect understanding, for this point, if you want to realize their dream of wealth, it is necessary to investigate the market, including the location of the store, the flow of people size and precise access to the local customers, accurate product positioning, precise control of the consumer groups, are targeted to the letter to ensure that the water purifier agent can really profit.


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   Second, product quality inspection whether genuine clearance

   at the moment many proxy franchisees have been focusing on the price of their products, while ignoring the most important product quality. Today more and more rational consumers to buy products, purchase of the first to consider is the quality. So for the vast majority of its focus only on price, while ignoring the product quality agency franchisee is extremely dangerous in the market if the product quality, but off, even if the price is low, no matter how good the service, consumers will be difficult. Therefore, the "cheap" is not a permanent solution, and the product quality is the agency franchisees go to survive in the long-term plan.

   Third, see if the contract return policies support

   When the agent franchisee choose water purifier brand, or brands and manufacturers reached a cooperation contract signed at the same time, we must look not one, We should focus on manufacturers and brand support return service, support and support these franchisees and agents are closely related.

   According to our statistics, 83 percent of shallow wells and rivers for drinking water, where water pollution is serious, bacterial health standards more than 69%, subject to organic pollutionDrinking water population of about 150 million. The popularity of home water purifier national imperative, rigid demand created a rapid rise of the industry, nowadays entering the water purification industry, water purification agents choose to join can be said is standing on the cusp of the home appliance industry, as long as the water purifier Acting franchisee properly managed, to achieve a certain fortune is not a dream.

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