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   Now, the concept of green consumption gradually enjoys popular support. my country began to implement, low pollution of the transformation and upgrading of high energy consumption, high pollution to the low power consumption. In an environment increasingly grim situation, water purifier manufacturers should seize gladly take the green road, the implementation of "green" strategy, the development of health, environmental protection, new technologies and new products, leading green consumption.




water purification industry implementation of "green wind" enterprises to take the green road (Photo from Internet)

   green new model of marketing imperative [ 123]

   with the continuous improvement of peoples living standards, with a simple line of clothing, housing can not meet consumer demand, sought after personality has become a hot consumer, consumer attitudes from the past of one-sided pursuit of commodity prices began to green, environmentally friendly consumer goods and the pursuit of cultural connotations transition. Water purifier manufacturers have to adapt to changes in consumer attitudes, actively promotes environmental protection, health and meet consumer demand for personalized products, the use of green marketing, green products to promote popular fast winning the market.

   green marketing has become the new mode of manufacturers marketing refers to the promotion of sustainable development as the goal, to achieve economic benefits, a unified consumer demand and environmental benefits, the manufacturers based on the principles of scientific and normative, a management process to meet the market demand of the exchange value of the product by a purpose and a plan of development and with other market players. Compared with traditional marketing, green marketing to sustainable human development-oriented, which pay more attention to social benefits and social responsibility. Water purifier manufacturers to implement green marketing, often using the product from design to the choice of materials, packaging materials and methods, the choice of mode of transportation and warehousing, until the entire process of product consumption and waste treatment are always take into account environmental, social and the impact on consumers, so that conservation of resources, safety, health, pollution-free, in order to safeguard the overall interests and long-term interests of the whole society.

   strengthen consumer guide the implementation of green marketing

   In fact, the green concept has long been popular, but green consumption for consumers or white space, water purifier manufacturers of green products promotion process in the, to long-term, so that consumers understand the importance of green consumption, and guide them to the pursuit of human health and ecological balance, recognition of green products.

   For the rapid development of water purifier manufacturers, hard short promotionalWill not bring much profit to the manufacturers, so at the same time strengthen product promotion, water purifier manufacturers to vigorously promote green product sales service, such as pre-character design, sale and health services, should be integrated into the concentrated strong "green" atmosphere, so that consumers truly appreciate the distinctive green services. Only water purifier manufacturers take the lead in establishing the concept of "green marketing" and put into practice in order to stand out in the future competition in the market, a new round of competition in the market leader.

   As consumers increasingly pay attention to quality of life, more and more pursuit of health, water purification industry this "green wind" will become increasingly popular. Water purifier manufacturers must update their thinking, adhere to the green road, not only do green products, but also to serve the green, leading the trend of green consumption, in order to capture the market lead! (Source: HC purification Network) [ 123]

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