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   November 1, when the last out of the water purification business on behalf of a consumer-liter door Suzhou plant, marking the second purifier consumer science education charity has come to an end. The science public activities organized by the China Consumers Association, began on September 10 "cognitive select - Water Purifier Consumer talk about" forum, which lasted nearly two months, won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Council Development Research Center, the strong support of the National consumers Association more than 50 local organizations, the cumulative effect of hundreds of thousands of consumers.



   along with water purification Jingdong Festival held water purifier and consumer carnival landed in less than two months time, the country ushered in again and again water purification science and consumer boom. General Manager (AVC) environment home appliances division Orville cloud network Dutian Long believes that the growing incidence of water pollution, improve public health awareness in the background, such as water purification science charity just in time, but also conducive to water purifiers industry healthy and orderly development.

   as a business partner, the United States, AO Smith, Patio, liters, Philips, Hansixier, 3M, cloud meters, Honeywell and other leading brands are also the water purifier consumer education popular science activities in the process to reach a consensus, and jointly promote the development of the industry.

   industry co-operation, popular science activities

   The science charity for two months, clean water into a large universal knowledge, the Secretary-General, more than 50 city water purifier talk about consumption, net water carnival, water purification science festival Jingdong, consumer buying behavior survey, water purification Zero visit experience, to achieve a launched simultaneously online and offline; at the same time, activity in the Chinese consumer network, drinking water micro-era official letter, number ten mass media propaganda launched simultaneously online. Enterprises participating in 20 provinces and cities nationwide, more than 800 stores launched simultaneously under water purifier market line consumer education campaigns, issuance of science manuals, video public service announcements, to provide consumers with professional advice.

   The "water purifier consumption Lets Talk" Forum on September 10 held in Nanjing, official from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Development Research Center of the State Council, the relevant professional bodies and the National Consumers Association more than 50 local organizations hundreds of people and the mainstream water purification products production and business units attended the event ceremony.

   online sales from September 10 to October 10, the organizers carry out joint Jingdong MallWater purification science Month, the top-selling show the recommended cumulative 13 days, consumers receive a free water purifier special page to purchase vouchers at a discount. In addition, limited buying activity has also been Jingdong users.

   clean water carnival is the highlight of this science activities, as well as the key link consumers directly involved. From early September to late October, in less than two months time, the second water purifier consumer science education charity has landed in Nanjing, Shanghai, Xian, Jinan, Guangzhou, the five, all by consumers Everywhere Welcome, Everywhere they are set off a boom in the local water purification science.

   In addition to these three areas, event organizers also set up Chinese consumer network science topics, elaborate consumer science education activities at the national public service manual issued 200,000, theme promotional video and printed with two public science dimensional code panels of scientific knowledge has also been welcomed by consumers.

   a question is worth, the organizers also organized leadership of the China Consumer Association, the media and consumer representatives into the AO Smith, Li Sheng Deng companies water purification production workshop, so that consumers of water purifier production process more intuitive understanding, while consumers and businesses have the opportunity to water purification experts face to face, daily to buy water purifiers has been the problem all professional answers.



   of science road is long, wide water industry outlook

   As many industry experts pointed out, the water purification industry was mixed, technology, products unspeakable mature SMEs push bar, but once the quality control problems, the consumer safe drinking water, health, drinking water does not arise.

   SAIC Consumer Protection Bureau inspector Wang pointed out that in ten events, SAIC last year deployed to carry out concentration and control of air and water purification supplies special class action across the country. 12315 special operations and data reflect the field of water purification products that make false, misleading consumers, counterfeiting and other phenomena, further confirms the necessity and self-purification water purification industry continued to expand consumer education in science charity water purifier market. The event supports large data units Orville cloud network of consumer buying behavior survey also showed that such science activities is significant.

   Unfortunately, the status of consumer water purification products and not too deep understanding, they do not know it is possible to buy a water purifier buriedHealth risks. During the tour, many consumers understand how to properly get to buy water purifier water purifier consumer knowledge exchange and business manuals and staff before.

   China Consumer Association Deputy Secretary-General Li Guang Yuan suggested that consumer science education charity can bring new concept of consumption for consumers, consumers legal rights will be better protected, the consumer environment will become more harmonious and beautiful . The event has also been involved in the mass media attention and, as of October 24, a total of 70 well-known mass media reported that up to 200 times.

   In addition to industry association leaders, industry experts, media, commendable that the science charitable activities, including the United States, AO Smith, Patio, liters, Philips, Hansixier, 3M, cloud meters, Honeywell and other water purification industry leading brand of all involved, for the consumer to leave one after another wonderful moment of science. And during the event, whether online or offline, the Chinese water market are showing a hot state, which is the best return to the industry and business.

   forecast, this year, net drink product sales will reach 26.5 billion yuan, an increase of 37.8%. Industry experts believe that the water industry will maintain a rapid growth rate, but consumer awareness in the publics change, which focus on product quality, technology has accumulated a well-known manufacturer of water purifier is a good thing. Of course, raise public awareness of consumer health can not be separated like science activities, water purifier science still on the road.

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