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  618 water purifier big promotion, measured tell you it is worthwhile to buy a publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-06-20 Surely we have recently been refresh the Lynx 618 activities, various promotions overwhelmed, this is not just renovated the house, found the water purifier have to buy before the event, when the original purchase of Walter RO-002 water purifier, buy now in addition to interest-free 12, the online contact customer service also win free single opportunity, if pre-empt the next one, then Zwilling knives, the original cartridge is probably yours. See the intensity of activity is so big, is it because of the bad water effect? Scared I quickly went to the next measurement results. at the time of receipt of goods, is to make an appointment by contacting the after-sales installation Tel. Walter installed after the discovery of this water purifier is very small, because it is no barrel, can be mounted directly under the cabinet, it is very space-saving. Since watching feel little worried about the amount of water we can not keep up. Installation of the master said it was 550 gallons of 1 minute then 1L of water is not in question, said to turn on the tap I looked and found the water was quite large, fully meet the usual ground water to drink, wash or It needs. Because the family has been using well water, water quality tend to be hard, after burning for some time with a kettle, pot will have a water base, curious I measured it with a pen water quality testing water quality well water found tds value is 164, the numerical sense still quite high. Installed after a good barrel Walter no large flow of water purifier RO-002, the use of a few days, detected only 8 tds value! These days kettle boil water, the scale does not appear, water purification effect is obvious . 16 Walter has been engaged in the water industry, on the installation, warranty and after-sales is very reassuring. Now the weather is getting hot, home to turn on the tap to drink fresh water, really enjoy it. Though it was overpaid, but look at the good parts of such a water purification effect is not tangled. However, I could not help but went a bit curious to know activities information, find enough to buy now enjoy 365 days of exchange only promise not to repair, and contact customer service online can participate in sweepstakes to win free single event, so much the preferential If you have heart, then quickly cat heaven Walter flagship store, add it to cart now!

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