Why the rapid development of domestic water purifier market

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   HC clean water network in recent years, with the popularity of consumer upgrades as well as the concept of healthy drinking water, water purifier market has maintained a high growth rate. 2012-2018 Our water purifier retail scale compound annual growth rate of 29%, in 2018 our water purifier market size of more than 400 billion yuan.

   Although the domestic water purifier market has maintained rapid development of the state, but the water purifier penetration in countries seen to China water purifier market is still in its infancy. Currently the United States, Europe and South Korean water purifier penetration rate is 90%, Japan 80%, while my country is only 19.6%. This is a huge gap indicating that there is significant growth potential of our water purifier market, but also need to reflect on the industry, why water purifier developed 20 years in China, the penetration rate is still so low? In other words, in the end is what limits the Chinese water industry to fly higher?



   plight of the industry: water purification technology is difficult to choose

   To answer these questions, the answers are many, such as differences in drinking habits of Europe and the United States, industry brand focus low, the lack of market leader, sale not in place. Further more important and often the most easily overlooked is that the consumers can not trust and healthy water purifier.

   first appeared on the market ultrafiltration, activated carbon, water purification products primary filter, the water can simply large particles of impurities, chlorine, bacteria and the like was filtered off, and the virus can not filter out heavy metal ions . In fact, the field of water purification materials subject to restrictions, the industry has been bogged down in "how to choose to retain heavy metals and minerals," the dilemma.

   In recent years, more and more companies choose to give up the beneficial substances in the water, turn completely pure reverse osmosis water purifier. Reverse osmosis water purifiers currently occupy the mainstream water purifier market, online market share of 60%, the line is as high as 85.7%. However, due to the reverse osmosis water purifier filter high precision, the water is also beneficial to get rid of the substance, which is difficult for many consumers to trust the water purifier.

   MYTH: the purer the water the better

   many consumers will think less mineral content in the water, that muchEffect, food is the main way the body to add mineral elements. In this regard there is conclusive scientific community, more consistent view is that the average persons diet may not be able to solve perfectly balanced intake of minerals, trace elements, drinking water is an important supplement.

   Studies have shown that the minerals in the water in a free state, is easily absorbed, absorption rate of 90%. Also playing are taught School of Public Health Ma Guansheng represent mineral water intake of total dietary intake contribution accounted for up to 20%. And a lot of drinking water for some of the ions are beneficial food can not be replaced, such as balance the bodys acid-base balance carbonate ions.


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