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At present, there is a wide variety of water purifiers, a variety of brand full of them, dazzled consumers to buy, often do not know what kind of choice good.


First of all, due to the different geographic environments around the country, will be different on water quality. Water harder north, multiple impurities, should be selected with advanced water purification filter or purifier softener ion exchange resin cartridge; Southern and softer quality, but more serious secondary pollution and heavy metal, it is selected from pure water or ultrafiltration.


Second, you need to determine your object water, is mounted to the domestic water purifier, whole house water purification optional embodiment, this embodiment during the decoration to be pre-discharge tube, take into account both the amount of water, and consider water effects. The drinking water for pre-drainage No, with so many options, but the final choice was based on the familys needs may be.


There is still time is also very important Oh! It is best to determine in the decoration, the best time to buy a water purifier should be before the renovation, which can be reserved position according to the size of the water purifier at home is good, before or decoration installation space reserved for good, so that the hearts bottom in the purchase, to prevent the improper purchase. If the installation has been completed renovated remembered that allows the installer to view the house layout, easy to advise them of where and how to install.


The final step is to the people most concerned about! Many people in the election will be enough that the higher price of water purifiers, quality is certainly good, or look at the appearance, filter price. In fact, not a filter price the higher the better, the price is a water purifier and filter technical quality and adaptability of the home to determine water quality, the combination of both is the highest price.


In addition to these preparations, should take into account the water purifier brand problem when you in determining a water purifier, its test reports, testimonials and health permits, also can not forget.



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