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   this time the current node, 80, after they have entered the school-age children, mothers after 90 is not a minority, well-educated parents are starting their only child, and train them to grow to the next generation and Watch produced a new consumer attitudes and social focus. Among these, the "infant daily drinking water" related topics in recent years has been widely hot. In the Patio view, for families with children, the water purifier is an important line of defense guardian of the child drinking healthy, but there are some differences of products currently on the market purifying effect, so users should have the ability to select certain screening .


   The PRC Central water purification consumer survey data show that, at present, the filtering effect of water purifier is the product function points more concerned about the child care home. Compared to the market highly publicized "special infant mineral water" pure water through the RO reverse osmosis water purifier filter, water quality can be restored to a clean state security, is more suitable for the body metabolic function of infants and relatively weak children drinking population. Patio in the field of domestic water has a net twenty-one years of experience in the face of market demand, but also the response given their own professional water purification solutions - Neptune water purifier.

   Neptune Patio water purifier compact whole, different from the conventional water purifier redundant structural components under the kitchen, its better structural integrity of the product, can effectively alleviate the installation space requirement for the objective, meet the needs of different families. Meanwhile, as far as I know, internal Neptune Patio water purifier also a new generation of integrated injection molding process, will effectively reduce the number of PE pipes and sealing points, simplifying the internal structure of a conventional fundamental models, while effectively reducing the volume of reducing leakage risks when used, reduce worries for the new parents.

   In particular aspects of the effectiveness of water purification, the water purifier mounted inside Neptune Patio PGP triple composite RO membrane filter, and efficient and post-carbon filter, there is provided a three-core five fine filter effect, will be fully healthy drinking water for the children escort, which was the removal of heavy metals (lead, cadmium) and bleaching powder byproduct (chloroform, carbon tetrachloride) can be as high as 99%. At the same time, efficient water purifier RO membrane Neptune also used to meet the daily needs of users for about three years, effectively reducing the overall cost of the product, thereby allowing more families to easily create security for children, healthy daily drinking Water Environment. At the same time, convenient no big bucket 400GFlow design, but also the water faster, then a full 200 ml cup in just 12 seconds, the fresh water that is filtered ready to drink, pure life without waiting, without bucket design effectively avoid the possible existence of two secondary pollution.


   In order to meet this stage the young consumer reliance on Internet applications and related products, water purifiers Neptune also introduced the "chi" function-based networking technology. By coupling with the phone app to facilitate quick inquiry as well as the water quality of the life of the filter body, which undoubtedly letting the overall use of the product experience to a whole new level.


   "actively respond to market changes, so that technology really meet the actual requirements of users." This is the twentieth year Patio to always adhere to the development of the key. Now the face of the quality of life of the diverse needs of the scene, Patio water purifier to Neptune deeply concerned about "child care home to children healthy water" problems as a starting point, the real from the user perspective, targeted at consumers to be resolved under this scenario, the actual use of net water demand for the product. In order to help children from an early age with good health, but also for the parents of the young generation just dispense with concerns, so that they can be more confident to accompany the children grow up happy.

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