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   "The Little Prince" where it reads, "What makes the desert beautiful look, it hides a well somewhere."

   In my mind, the water in the desert should be sweet , it clears, and it is sacred. But in fact, it may not be water in the desert we think of "sweet." I recently saw this online photo ......


officers were happy to taste the sweet water

   This photo story is this:

   Alxa Military Qinghe whistle stationed in the desert hinterland, where dripping water is as precious as oil, over the years, crop stubble soldiers tirelessly to find water, dig wells, but hundred meters deep wells, the emission is still "bitter water." Bald dome, black face, dental fluorosis, became soldiers of the whistle is River "bitter card." Later, where the introduction of water purification products, equipment, the soldiers bid farewell to 40 years of drinking history, "grievances" of. Several officers and soldiers around the water purifier in the water, because the water purifier can be yellowish local "bitter water" into a clear pure water, drinking water, after all, smiles: "Water is sweet ! "

   Therefore," desert safety of drinking water "imminent.

   September 6, 2014, media reports appeared sewage tanks, Inner Mongolia Tengger desert hinterland in some areas. Reflect local herders, local businesses untreated wastewater discharged into the sewage pond, let it evaporate. The sticky precipitate is then, with a forklift shovel, which is directly buried in the desert.

   "Once groundwater is contaminated, habitat for thousands of years herders survive not only will lose, more importantly, Chinas fourth largest desert - the Tengger Desert unique ecological environment may also be facing a serious threat. "Once groundwater is contaminated desert, it is almost impossible to repair. Expanding the scope of water pollution and the difficulty of the contaminated areas of governance, not only to the environmental protection sector to increase the problem, more important is to let the residents of contaminated water increases the likelihood.

   It counted on to be a pollution case shocked the whole nation, had let the Tengger Desert in Inner Mongolia to become the focus of public opinion. He suddenly awoke, the original pace of industrialization has gone deep into the desert, out of greed hand to the desert groundwater.

   Water Pollution extend to the desert, the author wants the state to increase the penalties for relevant companies, to companies in order to frontSacrifice the interests of public safety of drinking behavior truly remediation. No warning to others of courage, there would be no achievements day. As individuals, use a water filter - in vitro human kidney, to protect themselves and their families to safe and healthy drinking water.

   Now, the desert peoples drinking water health is bleak, the future so that people drink safe and healthy drinking water, water purifier brand to become human responsibility on the shoulders.

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