Why do water purifier inside the activated carbon needs to b

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  Why do water purifier inside the activated carbon needs to be replaced regularly? Published: at 16:57 on November 8th 2017 Hits: 24

As we all know, water purifier filter is the essence of all the lies, but because the activated carbon physical adsorption, no pollution, no side effects, and low price, activated carbon is therefore more common water purification filter material. Then the water purifier activated carbon can use it for a long time, why should be changed regularly?




   The activated carbon in water purification to be regularly replaced

Activated carbon is generally used as husk, tree branches and the like as raw materials, a high temperature in the case of absence of air heated and continuously introduced into the steam, the husk, tree branches and the like due to heat and the decomposition of the wood gas, substances such as wood tar obtained by removing, its main ingredient is carbon, it appears dark.




and the activated carbon inside and covered with fine pores, it is particularly large surface area. After calculation, one gram of activated carbon surface area actually up to 500-1000 meters. This makes the activated carbon has a strong adsorption ability, one can use it to adsorb water or harmful substances in the air, to purify water or air.




However, the activated carbon in the water purification filter mainly plays a role of adsorption, if used after a certain time, activated carbon adsorption saturation, once the "eat", it will lose purification function, and the growth over time, the activated carbon adsorption material itself and will stay some microbes and bacteria.




Therefore, in a water purifier or filter pot activated carbon can not be used over many years. After some time the best time to use a water purifier or filter replacement jar of activated carbon, to three to six months is appropriate, the longest generally not more than one year, it is necessary to consider the replacement of the activated carbon. Although the activated carbon will not dissolve in water, even if some small particles floating in the water, drink the body it will not cause harm, but still have to pay attention to water purifiers clean. A

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