Understanding of the domestic situation of water polluonfres

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   water pollution incident exposed the problem, more and more consumers are paying attention to health and safety of drinking water, people began to focus on household water purifiers, water purification market, the future is bright. Water purifiers to join the simplest type of investment has become first choice for many small business investors. Lets look at the domestic water purifier industry conditions, the degree of understanding of the water industry can invest from some of the data.



   water purifier market opportunities particularly in rural areas, the current amount of popularity in Chinas western region of less than 1%, the popularity of the amount of developed areas only 6% -9 % between the rural market is only just started it, the agents according to their own market analysis to identify possible reasons for its success in the local market, the fine structure listed on the program, doing it really, profits will be considerable.

   As the water purifier has energy-saving, environmental protection, convenience, low running costs, very welcomed by the people. Water filter cartridge are consumables, it can be said that the water purification industry is currently saturation theory does not exist. Therefore, water purification agents will have a huge space for development. Top ten water purifier brand fresh water will be added to your Agent strong backing.

   domestic water purifier market is relatively chaotic, like the Eastern Han Dynasty Qunhao from one hundred and disputes. As many as thousands of water purifier brand, product appearance and effectiveness is varied, but the real strength of the brand is not much. In the end, the water purifier market will also appear as the late Eastern Han Dynasty as the three pillars of the situation, truly survive, must have the strength, product quality and brand protection. Water purification agents to join must ensure the quality of products before they can obtain long-term competitive advantage, a firm foothold. How to control product quality? For now, choose some well-known brands such as fresh water is added, the source shore so good, powerful companies is bound to strictly control the quality of products, all product distribution in the hands of the agents have quality assurance, At the same time there is any quality problems manufacturers will be addressed. All

   We do water purifier to join the agency, is to sell the product. Products sold only after profit at all, at the right time can be properly compress profit, contributed to sales,Product sales agents to enhance the speed of profits is much higher than that small part to give customers. Particularly in the areas of more intense competition, it can be appropriate to give the user some favorable, some small prizes, thereby improving product sell-through rate as much as possible. Although the profit control is also important, but in the highly competitive area, if the product can not be sold, it will seriously affect the operation of the entire working cycle. Like the cycle can not keep up like a backwater, it will lead to more and more difficult to sell later in the product. Because customers are attracted passed relatively low profits, there will be follow-up of consumption. So some of the small amount of investment necessary to the proper time, for publicity to promote a single word of mouth is very good.

   Unlike other water purification products, products sold after further involves many aspects of installation and maintenance services. Some agents joined overlooked this point, after a water purifier installed to the customer will have no follow-up maintenance. Only when customers take the initiative to find door only to find the original product when there are such problems. As a customers shopping experience will be particularly poor product you are selling is difficult to have the customers reputation. Therefore, water purification agents and dealers need to focus on good service, regular telephone interviews, the right amount of on-site maintenance service is a good service, good follow-up of these produce beneficial to the consumer, is more important is to win customers reputation . With word of mouth, customers have a referral, and have a chance to gradually expand the scale of operation. Fresh water purifier in the country plus a 24-hour booking service, free design, installation and maintenance of life. Also, add fresh water has a perfect customer files, regular telephone interviews to track the quality of service to ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time fresh water will be added to regular home maintenance, maintenance of normal use of the product.

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